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Friday, November 6, 2009

Take comments in the right spirit

To the Editor:

There has been some concern raised over Jay Luby’s recent editorial outlining advice for our new Town Administrator. For what its worth, I prefer to take Jay’s comments in the spirit of what I believe they were offered – the encouragement of town officials, both elected officials and employees, to continue to strive to do better work for our town.

Tim Goddard has begun his tenure in a professional and efficient manner. He is a good listener and has quickly begun to understand both the strengths and challenges that we face as a town. As Jay suggests, we can continue to improve both the working atmosphere in Town Hall and the service we provide to citizens. While becoming a “transformative leader” is certainly a challenge to aspire to, Tim certainly has made a good beginning and I am confident in the choice we have made.

I would also emphasize that over many years I have experienced Jay Luby to be an extremely positive force in the civic life of our town. His work regarding land conservation issues has been tireless. In the context and tradition of his commitment to the town, I believe his editorial was only intended to be constructive input. Advice is hard to come by; one should always listen carefully.

Timothy Hult

Audubon Lane

Ed. note: Timothy Hult is chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

Halloween was a memorable night

To the Editor:

Each year, Halloween in the Village Center proves to be a fun, family event and this year was no exception. It was estimated that over 500 converged on our little town center to Trick or Treat and spend time with family. Many “empty nesters” came and sat on rocking chairs on Ferns’ porch to enjoy the festivities. Friends ran into one another; tiny ghosts and goblins compared candy booty and cameras recorded the event. Homeowners in the village center greatly appreciated the bags of candy donated by the community and the Nash family who managed the distribution. One family commented that the center pathways helped folks get around – they said that this was the first time in 23 years that they had trick or treaters! Most certainly, a great big thank you goes out to our Police Department. Officers were assigned to the rotary crosswalks and they helped assure a safe night. Thank you also to our DPW who assisted with the logistics, including the pick up of all of the pumpkins brought to the center for everyone to enjoy! And finally, thanks to all of our townsfolk who made sure that they trick or treated at their neighbors homes - particularly the elderly – before coming to the center. Everyone continues to make the Halloween in the Village Center tradition a memorable night!

Larry Bearfield

Robin Emerson

Ferns Country Store

Center family says thanks

To the Editor:

Wow! What a memorable Halloween!! An almost-full moon shrouded in ragged clouds, a warm fitful wind. Revelers of all sizes - ghosts, goblins, stormtroopers, princesses, an Eloise, a pint-sized UPS man and a large “sleepy pilot.” Scores of them! And a few happy dogs.

Adding up our bag count, we gave out almost 700 pieces of candy and a few dog biscuits, mostly one or two at a time. You do the math!

Many, many thanks to those who contributed candy to the Center! Because of your generosity we were able to keep our door open to trick-or-treaters to the very end.

Thank you!

Lee and Tom Lockwood

Lowell Street

More candy needed next year

To the Editor:

Many, many thanks to the families and businesses who made trick-or-treating in the Town Center such a delight once again. Your warm welcome to the thousands of kids who trooped through is what makes Halloween such a special evening in Carlisle, and we all had a wonderful time.

Having said that, I’d also like to mention that several homeowners on the town center route mentioned (not resentfully, just anecdotally) that the candy donations did not extend far enough this year. If you are a family whose children like to take part in trick-or-treating in the Town Center, please be sure you remember to donate a couple of bags of candy to this cause next year (collection box at Ferns the week leading up to Halloween).

Nancy West

Bedford Road

Tolerance needed in Foss Farm dispute

To the Editor:

There has been a long, continued use of Foss Farm by sled dog owners and clubs since the 1940s. The sport has been very much respected, appreciated and enjoyed by the community. I would hope that the present situation of a certain amount of intolerance for the noise level of the dogs could be resolved in an understanding and tolerant way between the neighbors and the sled dog owners.

Andrea Urban

Pine Brook Road

Join in Mass Hockey Day this Saturday

To the Editor:

Do you have a child that really wants to play ice hockey? Concord-Carlisle Youth Hockey is participating in the Mass Hockey Day this Saturday, November 7, by offering a free hockey clinic to any child who might like to come and give it a try. The clinic will begin at 12:30 p.m. at Valley Sports in Concord (back rink). CCYH will have volunteers in the locker room helping with equipment and on-ice coaches running drills so that kids of all ages can give hockey a try. There is no registration or fees to participate, but each child must have full hockey equipment including a hockey helmet with cage.

CCYH offers many different “learn to play” programs geared towards all skill levels and ages. I hope you will bring your budding hockey players to join this fun event on Saturday. If you have questions, contact me at or look for additional information on our website

Sarah Beguelin

CCYH Registrar

MAH District 8 Director

Appealing to all Carlisle residents

To the Editor:

Did you know that the Community Chest provides annual financial support and wide recognition to many worthwhile agencies in Carlisle? Local human service organizations such as the Carlisle Council on Aging, Kids’ House and the Recreation Department have been receiving funding from the Community Chest for several years. It may be less obvious to your readers that Carlisle residents are also able to receive support from agencies such as Open Table, Minuteman Senior Services, Domestic Violence Services Network, Adult Education and the Community Outreach Coordinator to name a few. These Chest member agencies cover the town of Carlisle.

With a single donation to the Chest, your contribution is distributed among many deserving local organizations. Programs target populations in need to provide them with food, transportation, elder support, educational scholarships, domestic abuse prevention, legal services, and many other critical services.

In our 62nd year, the Community Chest is asking Carlisle residents and businesses to donate to our annual campaign. Any amount toward our goal of $650,000 is greatly appreciated and will be put to critical use by our agencies. With your help, we can assist more people in what will no doubt be a difficult year for many neighbors and friends.

Astrid Williams

Executive Director

Concord-Carlisle Community Chest

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