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Friday, October 30, 2009


Retired Carlisle professor publishes second novel

After establishing herself as a published academic and professor, Linda Kistler ventured into a new career as a writer of fiction. A resident of Carlisle since 1969, she published her second novel, Extreme Justice, in July of this year. She retired as a professor of accounting at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, ...more

Country Lines: A protégé returns – one who loves Halloween as much as I

Some parents hope for their children to follow in their footsteps and become doctors, lawyers or at least graduate from the family alma mater. Not me. I set my sights on creating progeny who would love Halloween as much as I do. I worked fiercely at it, too. Long before Halloween became the trendy festival that it has morphed into these days, I was dipping ...more

Music Review - Chamber Music by Candlelight, kicks off new season

On Thursday evening, October 22, the Cambridge Society for Early Music offered one of the best concerts I have attended in our community over the past many years. The six musicians who make up La Donna Musicale were top-notch and exceptional in bringing to life the music of Venetian female composers of the 17th and 18th centuries. ...more

Spooky tales make chilling fireside reading

For some readers, once Halloween is over and the November evenings set in early, there is nothing more appealing than curling up with a good spine-tingler. Books where things go bump in the night make perfect armchair companions as the days grow shorter, and this year, there are many promising chillers from which to choose. ...more

Biodiversity Corner Black Earth Tongue

The boundary between the living and the dead is a mysterious thing. Halloween has its origins in the belief that this usually impenetrable boundary could be breached by the ghosts of the dead on one day each year at the end of the harvest season and before the onset of the cold dark winter. That day is tomorrow, October 31. The Black Earth Tongue fungus is ...more

Wondering what to do with tomato plants?

Now that it’s time to clean up the annual and vegetable gardens, some readers have asked what to do with their tomato plants in light of the recent blight. ...more

Green Corner: High mileage cars

Because gasoline is a limited and increasingly expensive resource, we will eventually need to switch to alternative energy sources for our automobiles. However, there is a good reason to make that switch sooner: a gallon of gasoline releases 20 pounds of CO2, contributing to the climate crisis. ...more

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