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Friday, October 30, 2009

Conservation Commission shorts, October 22

Land Management Policy. The Conservaton Commission (ConsCom) on October 22 authorized the Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) to develop a document providing a consistent overall approach to the management of Carlisle’s open space parcels.

LSC Co-Chair Dwight DeMay presented the concept, which is spelled out in an October 2, 2009 memo. Therein the LSC indicates that such a document would provide a context for the Baseline Assessments and Management Plans that are in place or planned for individual conservation parcels and provide a bridge between these documents and the town-wide goals of Carlisle’s Open Space and Recreation Plan.

This project was stimulated in part by the fact that the ConsCom has recently received numerous proposals from both town residents and other individuals seeking to use conservation parcels for farming. Given that some current agricultural licenses expire at the end of 2010, the plan is to complete the document by October 2010 – in time for its use during the license renewal process.

Foss Farm wells. Jack O’Connor of Church Street was designated to install two additional wells for the community garden plots. He will borrow the needed equipment from local farmers and complete the project at a cost of about $400 per well.

Consistent land-use board practices. The ConsCom approved two documents drafted and recommended by the Planning Board intended to standardize land-use boards’ approaches to handling large development projects.

A “Policy Governing Use of Town Hall Advisory Groups” and “Agreement for Reimbursement of Expenses and Certification of Accuracy of Application” are modeled on provisions in the Zoning Board of Appeals’ (ZBA) new Rules & Regulations for Comprehensive Permits. The first gives the board the option of establishing a Town Hall Advisory Group (THAG) by inviting other boards or departments to assist in its review. It applies to proposed developments of four or more lots or dwelling units coming before the ConsCom. The second is a letter to be signed by an applicant, agreeing to reimburse the town for outside consultant expenses incurred by the ConsCom during review of a permit application.

Tailored versions of the two documents have already been adopted by the Board of Health (BOH) and the Planning Board is working on their version of the documents. In August, after meeting with the ConsCom, Planning Board Chair David Freedman said: “The basic idea is that having similar policies in place for ‘normal’ development applications before the ConsCom, BOH and Planning Board will reinforce and support the ZBA’s use of the THAG process and the form for agreement for reimbursement of expenses in 40B hearings.” (See “ConsCom shorts, August 13,” Carlisle Mosquito August 28).

Great Brook Farm State Park beaver management. An emergency certification was issued to allow the installation of a water control device to prevent beaver damage at the State Park. The device, which uses piping to allow water to continue to flow as beavers build a dam, will be placed off the Woodchuck Trail near the log cabin.

Hanover Hill wetland restoration. Because the wetland restoration area continues to be poorly vegetated, the ConsCom asked for a planting plan for that portion of the Hanover Hill development off Westford Street. In a letter to the commission, David Crossman of B & C Associates indicated that he monitored the site this past spring and found the soil saturated or under water most of that time. This fall re-vegetation continues to be slow and he proposes planting shrubs and cinnamon ferns. In its discussion, members of the ConsCom noted that during preparation too much topsoil and the growing points of the abundant cinnamon ferns had been removed from the replication area. • Additional wetlands matters. The board approved a Negative Determination of Applicability for homeowners George and Nadine Bishop for repair of a foundation drainage system and driveway at 54 Judy Farm Road.

Jeff Hannaford of Norse Design Services represented Charles Delong of 70 Timothy Lane regarding upgrading a sewage disposal system; a permit was approved.

Patricia Hollsworth of 236 Lowell Street was granted an Amended Order of Conditions. This revised the original permit for repair of her septic system to include removing a porch and a diseased tree, and building a house addition and deck. ∆

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