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Friday, October 30, 2009

ConsCom assesses damage to land near Greystone Crossing

Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard reported on the unauthorized removal of outcrop rocks, destruction of vegetation and other damage to conservation parcels near the Greystone Crossing development off Cross Street when the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) met on October 22. The damaged property includes a town conservation parcel and adjacent private land with a conservation restriction. (See ”Protected land disturbed near Captain Wilson Lane, rock removed,” Carlisle Mosquito October 23.)

Willard says the damage is known to have occurred within the last week and a half or so because the Trails Committee has been working there with Eagle Scout candidate Tim Lamere of Rutland Street to plan a new trail through the woods to Bingham Road. ConsCom had recently authorized Lamere to build the trail as his Eagle Scout Project. (See “Shorts from the Conservation Commission, September 24,” Carlisle Mosquito October 2.)

In the written findings of her site visits on October 19 and 21 Willard says: “Open space Parcel C is noted for its large, complex rock outcropping” and the proposed trail was to “circle up, over and around the outcrops to take advantage of some unique landscape.” The trail will have to be rerouted because the damaged area is now unsafe.

Willard indicated that a 50-foot by 70-foot area has been disturbed on the conservation parcel. Three or four rocks are gone from an outcrop and a vehicle has felled trees and trampled other vegetation. She traced the path of the vehicle by noting the directions in which two- and three-inch white pine saplings were pushed over. From the width of the swath and the nature of the damage, Willard concluded that the vehicle had rubber tires and was less than eight feet wide.

Willard reported that she will be meeting with the police and that the Board of Selectmen has added this matter to its October 27 agenda. ∆

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