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Friday, October 23, 2009


Around Home: Back once more to Back-to-School Night

Autumn is a flashy dresser. And with all of her stand-out assets – gorgeous jewel-toned foliage, crisp fresh air, apple orchards and pumpkin patches, long sunlit days for hiking or biking – it’s easy to overlook some of her more understated pleasures. But when the end of September looms, I’m always particularly happy to greet a favorite yearly ritual ...more

Carlisle’s sampler collection – deemed unique and valuable

The Carlisle Historical Society (CHS) owns an unusually impressive collection of samplers, according to Denise De More, founder of the Mayflower Sampler Guild. Although many collections are larger, she said, most do not contain as many samplers from one location. Remarkably, the Society has 14 samplers worked by Carlisle girls between 1786 and 1838, and CHS ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Sulfur butterfly

There are two common sulfur butterflies in our region, the Clouded Sulfur and the Orange Sulfur, Colias eurytheme.They are similar in appearance, although the Clouded Sulfur is pale lemon yellow, whereas the Orange Sulfur has some orange on the upper wing surfaces. Both butterflies are common in open fields and have ...more

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