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Friday, October 16, 2009


Carlisle poet’s collection tugs at common emotional strings

Marriage. Divorce. Parenting. Caring for elderly parents. Also wedding china, plastic dinosaurs, the aquarium, and marathon training: of these quotidian details are Margaret Crouse Skelly’s elegant poems crafted. ...more

CCHS radio station finds a new voice

For nearly 40 years, Concord Carlisle High School (CCHS) students have had the opportunity to broadcast their music and their ideas on the school’s radio station WIQH 88.3 FM. However, only those living within the tight radius of the station’s range have been able to listen. This all changed, though, in September 2009 when the station began to simulcast ...more

Greer’s new book offers perspective on fight against global poverty

Carlisle native and first-time author Peter Greer will return to the area on Sunday, November 1, for lunch and a book signing at the Carlisle Congregational Church. The public is invited to this complimentary luncheon and conversation with Greer beginning at 12:45 p.m. The discussion will center on Greer’s new book, The ...more

Concord Authors Festival – a sampling of events for all tastes

Local book lovers rejoice at the first sign of fall, because that means that the Concord Festival of Authors is imminent. For 16 years now, the Festival has brought the brightest of literary lights to the Concord area in late October for speeches, discussions and demonstrations. Over the years, renowned authors who have participated have included Jonathan Kozol, ...more

Biodiversity Corner Emesaya, Thread-legged Bug

At the Benfield Land, where I was harvesting Autumn Olive on Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice the activity of the fall insects. Dragonflies and grasshoppers were the most obvious but there were many others, including some late season butterflies. I have the same insects in my garden, plus a lot of bumblebees and harvestmen (daddy longlegs), but the one ...more

Green Corner: Join 350 rally

Author and activist Bill McKibben and the group have been publicizing 350 as the most important number in the world -- it’s what scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, in parts per million (ppm). ...more

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