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Friday, October 16, 2009

Shorts from the Conservation Commission, October 8

98 Wolf Rock Road. Nancy and Edward Hofstetter were approved for the installation of a new sewage disposal system at the October 8 Conservation Commission (ConsCom) meeting. The Hoffstetters had asked for a 2% reduction of the leach field which was not approved. Instead, they removed a garbage disposal from the plan which reduced flow by 60 gallons/day. The BOH has approved the plan also. The Notice of Intent, with reference to the revised plan of September 16 was approved with the standard order of conditions.

71 Brook Street. Andrew Yip and Kerri Stanley got approval to install a chain-link fence within the 100-foot buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland after ConsCom learned that the state’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program had no objections to the plan. The fence was approved with the standard order of conditions.

80 Westford Street. The Carlisle Fire Department got approval for the installation of a municipal fire protection cistern, tree removal, grading and paving. The plan had been modified to include wetland delineation and the extent of the excavation. The float switch in the system has been changed to a non-mercury type. The project will add more parking behind the Fire Department, which has been particularly limited in winter. There is a blast management plan for the blasting that needs to be done. ConsCom member Tricia Smith said, “This is a much better plan than the original.”

The Request for Determination of Applicability was filed under the local bylaws and the Wetlands Protection Act. Both were applicable.

984 Lowell Street. The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has applied to dredge the pond near the ice cream stand at Great Brook Farm State Park. No one from the DCR was present at the meeting. Willard had been calling DCR for clarification and more information, to no avail. ConsCom closed the hearing on this application and denied approval for the project due to lack of information.

Tree-cutting at Great Brook Farm State Park. A Notice of Intent for “a forest-cutting plan was submitted to us by the DCR,” said Willard. “It’s kind of unusual. It’s for the Homeowners Program.” She explained that trees are tagged for cutting. They will be assigned a specific plot in the forest and they will be allowed to cut down the trees that are tagged. People will pay the DCR to cut the trees, and in the process will thin the forest. The section with tagged trees is in the forested area between the corn field and the Litchfield House. ConsCom was somewhat concerned about liability and the safety of people using the trails in the vicinity of the tree-cutting area. ConsCom member Tom Brownrigg was concerned about invasive plants moving into the area where trees were being thinned if the cutting is done too early.∆

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