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Friday, October 16, 2009

Wells to be added at Foss Farm

Land Steward Committee member Lynn Knight came before the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) on October 8 to request that additional wells and garden plots be permitted in the Foss Farm community gardens. She said there were five wells currently and people have to pump water and then carry it to their plots. She brought two schemes on possible locations for two or three additional wells. She had received one quote which was $1,500 each for two wells or $3,600 for three wells. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard said there was a limit of $2,500 that was allowed to be spent in one year, although there is $3,700 in the account for spending for Foss Farm.

Bob Dennison, who manages the community gardens, said there are 100 plots at Foss Farm and he felt there were a sufficient number of plots. Knight noted all the plots are assigned and there have been waiting lists. Dennison said that he would rather the money was used to cut down trees that have been encroaching over the last several decades, blocking sun from some of the plots. Some trees can not be cut because they are on Federal Land.

Knight said she needed approval to put in the wells. Willard suggested waiting another year and there would be more funds. ConsCom member Jenifer Bush said the farmers want to see some progress. ConsCom member Tricia Smith said the Pony Club has raised money and donated it to get things done. ConsCom member Kelly Guarino wondered if they should ask for funds from the farmers. As to whether or not wells should be added, Smith said, “I have heard people have wanted [more] wells for as long as I have been on this commission.”

The commission voted to approve two wells. The Land Stewardship Committee will price the job as best as possible. No decision was reached on adding new plots. ∆

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