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Friday, October 16, 2009

ZBA seeks new members

At last Thursday’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meeting, ZBA Chair Ed Rolfe announced that board member Bill Morgan had resigned from the ZBA because of his hectic work travel schedule. Longtime board member Shann Kerner will also be leaving the ZBA because she is planning to move to Boston. With the imminent start of the Benfield 40B special permit application hearing, Rolfe expressed concern that the three remaining members, himself, Kevin Smith and Emmanuel Crespo, would find it a challenge to schedule and attend every meeting of the 40B hearing. If the ZBA does not have a quorum for the hearing, the 40B could be issued by default – or as a “constructive grant.”

Rolfe said he had corresponded with Town Counsel and the Selectmen to determine options in the event additional ZBA members could not be found. Board member Kevin Smith said he would “shake the trees” to find additional members to possibly avoid “borrowing” board members from other departments.

Special permit granted for renovation, Lowell Street

Patricia Hollsworth of 236 Lowell Street appeared before the board to request a special permit to make renovations to her home, which was built in 1948. Hollsworth’s renovation plans require a special permit from the ZBA because of her home’s close proximity to Lowell Street.

Hollsworth’s plans include adding a second garage bay to the current single bay garage, as well as tearing down the home’s attached, non-heated exterior porch and incorporating the space into the existing 1,264-square-foot structure. The extra space, approximately 410 square feet, would allow Hollsworth to augment her kitchen and add an additional bathroom. Because the addition is less than the 50% square-footage increase limitation for non-conforming properties, no neighbors voiced their objections to date, and the plan itself is not detrimental to the property and neighborhood, the ZBA granted the special permit unanimously. ∆

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