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Friday, October 9, 2009

Historical Commission shorts, Sept. 29

Historical survey. “We’re pretty much finished,” reported consultant Gretchen Schuler at the September 29 Historical Commission meeting, as she presented the spreadsheet of historic properties that she and Anne Forbes have been compiling for the commission. The spreadsheet includes 210 properties that are of historical significance to the town of Carlisle. It includes properties from the 17th century to 1959, as well as historic roads, such as the Estabrook Road, (the Minuteman route from Carlisle to Concord). “Right now, we’re sifting through the 1950s to find the best examples of a ranch style.”

After the report is finished and it has been handed in to the commission, Forbes and Schuler will send a copy to the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) where it will be added to its state database.

As the final phase of the survey, the consultants will recommend a small number of properties they deem worthy for consideration on the National Landmark Register. Schuler and Forbes stressed that it will be up to the Carlisle’s Historical Commission to decide whether or not to pursue the application process for any of the properties.

Pathway Committee. Commission member Geoffrey Freeman will contact Deb Belanger of the Pathway Committee to ask about the status of the siltration barriers by the new pavement. Siltration barriers were used to keep the soil from eroding away during the paving process. Typically, the barriers need to stay in place until the reseeded grass has grown. There has not been any reseeding, however.

War Memorial. The Historical Commission is very happy with the way the memorial has turned out. The one question is whether the electrical box can be moved to a more inconspicuous place. Freeman will ask if the box can be moved. ∆

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