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Friday, October 2, 2009


Middle school gourmet cooks up a book

Many of Maxwell Krims’ earliest memories feature food. When he was three years old, his father would ask him and his elder sister, Elise, what they wanted for breakfast. Elise would ask for a frozen waffle; Maxwell would request “an omelet with spicy sausage and very sharp, aged English cheddar.” For his fifth birthday, his mother asked what kind of cake ...more

New librarian looks forward to working with ‘tweens and teens’

“I’m one of those people who essentially grew up in a library,” Cassandra Malik recently observed. The newest addition to the staff at the Gleason Public Library said that throughout her childhood she spent hours at the library in her hometown of Northbrook, Illinois, reading books and learning from the wisdom of the librarians there. ...more

What is TOGA?

TOGA (Teens of Gleason Advisors) is the library’s teen advisory board composed of students in fifth through eighth grades. The members make recommendations on purchases and programs that will appeal to teens. The group meets monthly with the teen librarian and plans special events which are open to the public. Past events have included a movie night, a costume ...more

Biodiversity Corner Pine Tree Cricket

Name: The pine tree cricket is Oecanthus pini. There are at least 16 species in the genus. They are in the same order of insects, Orthoptera, as grasshoppers, katydids and the other crickets like field and ground crickets. ...more

Carlisle Comments: A milestone not to fear

It’s been a year since I celebrated my 60th birthday. I won’t say that I hadn’t approached this milestone with a little of trepidation. (Okay – a lot.) But in the intervening months, I’ve found that most of those fears were clearly misplaced. In fact, I’ve discovered many, many reasons why turning 60 isn’t ...more

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