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Friday, October 2, 2009

Shorts from the Conservation Commission, September 24

Conservation land projects and use permits. At its meeting on September 24, the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) approved a plan by Tim Lamere of Rutland Street to create a new woodland trail as his Eagle Scout project. The trail will run from the end of Captain Wilson Lane in the Greystone Crossing development off Cross Street to near the Concord Street end of Bingham Road. It will be approximately 1,000 feet long and pass over private land with a trail easement as well as several town-owned parcels managed by the ConsCom. Lamere expects to complete the trail before the end of October.

Two land use permits were also granted. The Charles River Media Group was authorized to shoot scenes for a film about the Spanish Inquisition at Towle Field on September 26. Kevin Brown and John Bakewell were given a permit to host a field day at their agricultural operation at Fox Hill on a weekend day in October. (Date to be specified.)

71 Brook Street. The public hearing was opened on the request of Kerri Stanley and Andrew Yip to construct a chain link fence for their dogs in the 100-foot buffer zone of a bordering vegetated wetland. The area is both estimated habitat for rare wetlands wildlife and priority habitat. Because the ConsCom is awaiting a finding from the state Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program regarding whether habitat will be damaged, the hearing was continued to October 8 at 8 p.m.

137 Bingham Road. The ConsCom reviewed a request by Bernard Lacomis to determine whether the Wetlands Protection Act and the Carlisle Wetlands Bylaw apply to a new septic system. Jeff Hannaford of Norse Design Services represented Lacomis. The board approved a Negative Determination of Applicability (no permit needed) because only grading for the leach field is in the buffer zone. A condition was added that the float in the pump chamber of the old system (which contains mercury) be properly disposed of, and that the new float not contain mercury.

119 Estabrook Road. Subsequent to an Enforcement Order requiring restoration for work undertaken in and near wetlands without a permit, at its August 27 meeting the ConsCom had approved an Order of Conditions to homeowner Kevin Wells for installation of a dog fence and landscaping in a portion of the wetland buffer zone. Because a recent site visit showed that work was not being done according to the terms of the permit, the ConsCom decided to issue an additional Enforcement Order clarifying its requirements and setting a date for compliance.

Continuances. Several ongoing matters were continued without discussion until the October 8 meeting. These include the permit request by Nancy and Edward Hofstetter for a new sewage disposal system at 98 Wolf Rock Road (8 p.m.); the permit request from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation for dredging of the farm pond at Great Brook Farm State Park (8:30 p.m.); and the Carlisle Fire Department’s request for determination of whether a permit is needed for the installation of a municipal fire protection cistern, grading and paving at the Fire Station and removal of several trees next to the Town Hall (8:15 p.m.). ∆

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