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Friday, October 2, 2009

BOH walks Benfield Land


BOH members (left to right) Chris Deignan, Bill Risso and Mark Caddell (and Jake the dog) walk the Benfield property on September 24. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

With autumn still held back by warm breezes, Board of Health (BOH) members Chris Deignan, Bill Risso, Mark Caddell and Jake, a golden retriever, paid their first visit to the Benfield property on South Street on Friday, September 24. The goal of their trek was the proposed location of the Benfield Affordable Housing Project’s septic system, which, due to inadequate soils and a high water table near the South Street building site, must be built in the interior of the property. The housing itself will be located close to the road (see “Plans unveiled for Benfield senior affordable housing,” March 6).

The Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH) and Carlisle’s Housing Authority is working together on a “friendly 40B” project to build 26 units of senior affordable housing on land purchased by the town in 2004. The development, initiated by the town, will contain only low- and moderate-income housing. The BOH is responsible for reviewing the septic system and well designs.

The group made its way past the broken down chicken coop, across a high field rife with poison ivy (and two abandoned bikes), through the woods and ended up at a “beautiful site,” said Risso. In all about 45 acres enclose the Benfield property, the majority of which is set aside as conservation land. The group walked back to South Street, meeting with late arriver BOH Chair Jeff Brem at their parked cars, for a brief discussion regarding H1N1 vaccines. ∆

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