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Friday, October 2, 2009

Planning Board sees no bids for wireless facilities on town-owned land

Considers three housing proposals

The 2007 Annual Town Meeting authorized the Selectmen to lease or otherwise dispose of all or portions of nine town-owned properties for the purpose of construction and operation of personal wireless system(s) and facilities. The Wireless Advisory Subcommittee winnowed the list to five sites and prepared a request for proposal. (See “Upcoming bid request for wireless facilities on town-owned land,” Mosquito, May 15.) RFP bid packages were distributed to wireless facilities providers with a due date of September 25. Although there have been inquiries, it was announced at the September 28 Planning Board meeting that no proposals have been forthcoming.

Hanover Hill subdivision

lot releases

Rob West, representing Wilkins Hill Realty, requested and received release of the remaining lots within the 35-lot subdivision with the exception of Lots 1A and 20A. The Planning Board reserves lots of sufficient aggregate value as security that remaining work on the development will be completed in accordance with the Definitive Plan, including: roadways, pathways, drainage features, plantings within roadway right-of-way and fire cisterns.

Benfield Farms 40B development

Observing a “green moment,” the board revised downward their requested number of copies of plans and related documentation for the Benfield Farms 40B development.

Abutter Alan Carpenito and South Street resident Ray Kubacki expressed disappointment that NOAH (Neighborhood of Affordable Housing) representatives, the developer for the project, were not present. Kubacki said, “I am astounded that they do not seem to want input from anyone.” Carpenito expanded the theme: “No one has reached out to the abutters. We have asked several times to have a meeting with the developer. It is not a ‘friendly’ 40B. It may be friendly to someone on the other side of town.”

Board Chair David Freedman said, “They were invited – they were asked to notify us if they wanted to be on the agenda for tonight.” NOAH members will be present at a public meeting being held by the Housing Authority on the Benfield Farms proposal on Wednesday, October 7, at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

Proposed 40B on Maple Street

Yongden Chen took his Powerpoint presentation to the September 28 Planning Board meeting. It was similar to the presentation he made earlier to the Carlisle Housing Authority and is for an 11-unit (20-bedroom) 40B development on a 4.2-acre pork chop lot on Maple Street. (See “Maple Street landowner describes 40B housing proposal,” Mosquito, August 28.)

Access to the development would incorporate a vertical retaining wall and a 50-foot long bridge “to span most of the wetland to minimize wetland fill and span the eight-foot-ten-inch-wide stream and to span most of the 100-year floodway.” Board member Michael Epstein questioned the rationale for proposing two condominium associations, each controlling one well and one septic system. Chen said that one well serving more than 25 persons must be considered a public water supply.

Consensus was that before moving forward Chen should seek legal counsel (a real estate lawyer) to determine whether he can have legal access for a multi-unit project, particularly given the wetlands and stream involved. ∆

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