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Friday, September 25, 2009

Join the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association

To the Editor:

Having moved from Carlisle at the end of July, I have had to sever certain responsibilities that are unique to residents of the town. One of those was membership on the board of directors of the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association, Inc. (CEHA), owner of Carlisle’s Village Court and provider of senior housing in the center of Carlisle. I attended my last board meeting on September 14 at which time I resigned as a member of the board and as Secretary. The bylaws of the corporation mandate that members of the board of directors and officers be residents of Carlisle and, in my opinion, that requirement is sound policy. I enjoyed my tenure as a member of the board and I pray that I contributed to the functioning of that organization. As I leave, I want to appeal to residents of Carlisle to take an interest in Carlisle Village Court and become members of the corporation, perhaps become a director or officer of a fine organization in the town.

For those of you who might not know, Village Court is an 18-unit senior housing facility located close to the center of Carlisle, behind the library and close to both the school and Ferns. It was funded and to a great degree is still subject to the auspices of the federal Rural Development program. It is, however, a village for independent living seniors. It is operated by the Hodges Company, an experienced operator of a large number of similar facilities, but the ultimate decision making is in the board of directors.

Lately, issues of expansion of Village Court are springing to the surface. Those issues concern the availability of water and sewage and the likelihood of funding sources, as well as zoning and a plethora of associated issues. For someone who wants to make a meaningful contribution to the town, address the issues surrounding senior housing and enjoy the discussions of alternative viewpoints, CEHA is the place to be at this point. I urge you to take an interest.

  You can express your interest by calling Bert Williams, President of CEHA or by submitting a form on the CEHA website at

Thomas J. Raftery
Chatham, Mass.

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