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Friday, September 18, 2009

Planning Board Shorts, September 14

Planning Board seeks associate members. The Planning Board and Board of Selectmen can appoint for three-year terms two associate members to the Planning Board. The prior associates, Tom Lane and David Freedman, are now formal members of the board. Chair Freedman said, “We encourage interested town citizens to volunteer. They can ‘learn the ropes’ of board business and responsibilities.”

Associate members are encouraged to attend board meetings and participate fully in discussions, but generally do not vote. For specific applications that involve the issuance of special permits, the chair may designate an associate member to act in the place of a regular member. If you are interested, contact Planning Administrator George Mansfield at 1-978-369-9702 or email at

Common Driveway at 268 Fiske Street. At the request of the applicant John Ballantine, the Planning Board granted an extension of time to record its May 12, 2008, decision until September 30. As reported in the May 16, 2008 issue of the Mosquito, the board granted the common driveway Special Permit to serve two lots (Map 30, Parcel 11).

Trails at Hanover Hill Subdivision. Board member Marc Lamere reported that the Trails Committee had cut the trails but because of the recent dry weather will wait until spring to build the planned bridges on the trail. He said that four parking spaces have been designated for trail access and are located near one of the subdivision water retention basins. Chair Freedman quipped, “After all, anyone can build bridges in dry weather.”

Next Meeting scheduled for September 28. Items expected to be included in the agenda are: amendments to Rules and Regulation for Personal Wireless Service Facilities and amendments to Rules and Regulations for Site Plan Review. ∆

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