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Friday, September 18, 2009

Town task force organizes Housing Production Plan update

The process needed to update Carlisle’s Housing Production Plan was discussed during the joint Housing Authority and Housing Trust meeting on September 10. The plan is required by the state to outline specific ways the town can achieve the state-mandate of 10% affordable housing. The current plan expires in October, 2010.

The first meeting of the task force to update the Housing Production Plan is tentatively set for Thursday, October 15. Members are to include Selectmen John Williams and Chair Tim Hult, Housing Authority members Alan Lehotsky and Jim Bohn, along with Planning Board members Tom Lane and Chair David Freedman. Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett will also work on the project. The town hired consulting services when the plan was last updated in 2005; however Williams said that he thought a consultant may not be needed this time.

Hult asked the task force members, who were all present at last week’s meeting, if there was a part of the planning process that lends itself to public input. Housing Trust member Doug Stevenson said that public input might be sought regarding different types of zoning, as well as the community’s desires for different types of housing. Freedman agreed that public input was “very important.” It was agreed the task force would first study the changes in the document requirements and then hold a public summit meeting, perhaps in the spring, designed around the needs for community input as specified in the state revision instructions.

The plan called for the production of 52 units of affordable housing during 2005 - 2008, using these strategies:

Year 1: Four new 40B units on private land and eight qualifying accessory apartments.

Year 2: 14 new units through private 40B development.

Years 3 and 4: 26 units on the Benfield Land.

Of these, only the two units in the Laurel Hollow 40B on Lowell Street have been completed. For more details see “Plan lays out 10-year affordable housing program,” Mosquito, May 20, 2005 in the archives on-line at ∆

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