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Friday, September 11, 2009

Timothy Goddard chosen as Carlisle’s next Town Administrator

On Thursday, September 3, Timothy Goddard was chosen unanimously by the Board of Selectmen as the new Carlisle Town Administrator. Goddard, now Assistant Town Manager in Framingham, grew up and still resides in Littleton, and previously served a nine-year stint as Littleton Town Administrator. His experience in small-town administration, excellent team-building ...more

Selectmen consider payroll grievance issue

Head Dispatcher Mike Taplin, took his department’s payroll grievance to the Board of Selectmen on September 8. The issue relates to “differential pay” for leave time. Differential pay is the higher rate paid to employees working the less attractive night shifts. Employees may work a mix of day and night shifts and they have been receiving the differential ...more

Gleason bids lower than expected: Trustees pick Consigli Construction for renovation

After a year of planning, Gleason Library renovations will soon be underway. On September 2, the Gleason Library Building Restoration Implementation Committee (BRIC) reviewed bidding results and recommended Consigli Construction Company, Inc. of Milford as the project’s general contractor. Meeting immediately afterwards, the Library Trustees agreed with the ...more

It’s official: first segment of Bruce Freeman Rail Trail opens

After well over 20 years of effort by many area advocates and friends, the 6.8-mile first segment of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail through Westford, Chelmsford, and Lowell was officially opened on Saturday, August 29. The second segment, not yet under construction, will run through Acton, Concord, Sudbury and a small corner of Carlisle. The third segment, presently ...more

School Building Committee hears architects’ design ideas

The Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) weighed design options and reviewed project timelines when they met on September 3 with Laurel Wernick from HMFH Architects and Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) Sean Fennell. Town Meeting will be asked for final approval once schematic designs are completed for the project to replace the Spalding Building and renovate ...more

Counseling offered after CCHS student dies

On Friday, September 4, Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Principal Peter Badalament notified parents that support was being offered to students and staff in response to the death of twelfth-grader Clair Day of Concord the previous day. He wrote “We all feel the grief associated with losing a member of our community.” It was reported in the online Concord ...more

Carlisle School Committee studys budget, administration changes

Safety and good health habits were the focus of the first day of school, the Carlisle School Principals told the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) at their September 2 meeting. “We held assemblies for the middle school,” explained Middle School Principal Joyce Mehaffey. “An officer came in to talk about safety helmets” for bikes, and David Flannery, Director ...more

Tomato late blight: What do we do now?

The fungus-like pathogen Phytophthora infestans (late blight) hit New England hard this year. In spite of its name, it infected tomato and potato crops early in the growing season, largely because of our cold, wet, early summer. The blight usually appears toward the end of the growing season with limited damage to ...more

Shorts from the Conservation Commission, August 27

Fire Department Cistern. Fire Chief David Flannery and Deputy Chief Jonathan White met with the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) regarding a Request for Determination of whether a permit is needed for a 40,000-gallon water tank to be located between the Town Hall and the Fire Station. The project also includes ...more


For those who are interested in seeing the Carlisle Historical Society’s postcard collection described in the August 28 issue of the Mosquito, the collection is located at the Historical Society’s Heald House at 698 Concord Street, not on Lowell Street as stated in the article. ...more

CCHS Master Plan Committee hears from faculty

The Concord-Carlisle High School Master Plan Committee met on August 26 to hear faculty from several departments discuss their space needs. After an evening of listening to the shortcomings of the current facilities, the impact of the building on education was clear to all. Each faculty member spoke of cramped classrooms, lack of workspace and lack of storage ...more

Carlisle’s pathways project turns a corner

Watching young children with loaded backpacks trudge safely to school on the crushed-stone surface of the pathways that adorn the town center, one can only imagine the satisfaction felt by town volunteers involved with the project. Was it over 30 years ago that Marilyn Harte galvanized the League of Women voters to propose the concept? Have the three current ...more

Board of Health agenda for Sept. 15

7:30 Administrative Reports, minutes ...more

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