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Friday, September 11, 2009


Saying goodbye – cartoonist moves on but...

The town has said goodbye to our colleague Tom Raftery, who moved to Cape Cod at the end of the summer. He came to Carlisle in 1976 and has given his all to this community – as Selectman, Planning Board member, Carlisle Elderly Housing Association member and more recently, Town Moderator. Raftery has been the cartoonist for the Carlisle Mosquito since the early 1980s and the good news is that he will continue to submit cartoons to this newspaper on a weekly basis. ...more

Green Corner Old habits (and myths) die hard

Back in the days before modern automotive batteries, engines, starters, and electronic ignition systems, the conventional wisdom was that engine idling was beneficial and cost-effective from the standpoint of mechanics and fuel consumption. What was true several decades ago no longer applies today, but habits and misinformation from the past continue to guide ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Pinesap

Pinesap, despite its name, is a flowering plant in the same order (Ericales) as rhododendrons, azaleas and blueberries. It is in the same genus as the more common Indian Pipes, that ghostly white flower that is sometimes confused with a fungus. Like Indian Pipes, Pinesap is a parasite. ...more

Banta-Davis Land plays host to unlikely plants - an invasive garden

Plant enemies have cropped up in a garden on the Banta-Davis Land and what’s worse, they are invited to stay. Carlisle’s new “Invasive Plants” garden features an even dozen of the some of the worst non-native invasive plant offenders in Carlisle. Arborists John Bakewell and Kevin Brown created the garden by collecting the plants from the surrounding ...more

Disease strikes bats, the offensive line against mosquitoes

We here in Carlisle take an odd sort of ironic pride in our insects, naming even our local paper after our most prevalent of pests, the mosquito. Although these biting bugs are certainly not scarce during any summer, this year has been particularly bad due to a combination of rainy conditions and a lack of bats. Yes, those little balls of brown fur that startle ...more

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