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Friday, August 28, 2009


Then and Now: postcards provide a glimpse of the past

Back in 1906, Carlisle was a pretty quiet little place, but even then, visitors were appreciative of its pastoral atmosphere, and sent word to friends and relatives that they were enjoying a stay here. How do we know this? They sent postcards. ...more

Around Home: Knowing when to say when

Just before dinner on a warm evening last week, I laced my sneakers, set my stopwatch and headed out for a run. It’s not an unusual sequence for me, but this time it felt different. For the previous 732 days, my 10-year-old son Tim had gone through these same motions in tandem with me. But not today. After two years plus one day of putting in his daily mile, ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Crayfish

Everyone I have spoken to recently about crayfish says the same thing – “I used to find them all the time when I was a kid.” These are people who no longer spend their free time in streams turning over rocks. But after a very wet month in July, it was possible to find a crayfish with a lot less trouble. Kate Reid spotted one on August 1 crossing the road ...more

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