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Friday, August 28, 2009

Maple Street landowner describes 40B housing proposal

In a campaign to garner support for his proposed 11-unit (20-bedroom) 40B development, Yongden Chen gave a Powerpoint presentation at the August 13 Carlisle Housing Authority (CHA) meeting. The site is a 4.2-acre porkchop lot with legal frontage via a 40-foot wide strip between 811 and 845 Maple Street. Chen said that the frontage strip would provide access to the development and would incorporate a vertical retaining wall and a 50-foot long bridge “to span most of the wetland, to minimize wetland fill and span the 8-foot-10-inch wide stream and to span most of the 100- year floodway.” There is an easement for access, via Red Fox Drive, but only for a single-family house, not a multi-unit development.

Chen proposes to establish two condominium associations. Condo Association 1 would involve three 2-bedroom market-rate units and two affordable units (a 1-bedroom fully accessible unit (handicapped-accessible) and one 2-bedroom unit). Condo Association 2 would involve four market-rate 2-bedroom units and two affordable units (one fully accessible 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom). Each condo association would be serviced by one private well and one recirculating sand filter septic system.

On January 27 Chen gave a similar presentation to the Board of Selectmen (“Selectmen hear details of possible ‘friendly’ 40B,” Mosquito, February 6). At that time he asked for support of the Selectmen and characterized the project as being consistent with Massachusetts’ Local Initiative Program (LIP) that encourages creation of affordable housing. Approximately 40% of the units would be affordable for low- and moderate-income households having below 80% of the area median income. To qualify for the technical assistance given to a LIP at least 25% of the units must be “affordable.”

CHA member Susan Stamps said, “This is a concept that the Housing Authority would be in favor of.”

Next steps

Contacted later, Chen said he plans to seek meetings with other groups and committees to gather support for the project. He said that he would prefer to work with the town’s cooperation as a LIP project, but had no specific schedule yet for getting back together with the Selectmen. ∆

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