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Friday, August 28, 2009

Three burglaries solved

Carlisle Police have charged housebreakers involved in three of six recent burglaries. Quadrupled police follow-up activity and increased stops of suspicious persons and vehicles attest to the priority the police have given to getting on top of housebreaks. An update on recent police cases follows:


Cross Street, August 11. The two men involved in the housebreak, Elbert Riccio and Curtis Gladstone are in state custody and will remain so, until their case is heard in court. Everything stolen has been recovered. A search warrant for Gladstone’s residence in Chelmsford was issued on August 14. Carlisle Police and one Chelmsford officer searched the premises and found information that bolsters the case against Gladstone for the August 11 burglary as well as a stolen camera and film evidence that ties him to the School Street burglary.

Cross Street, August 13. A laptop and a cordless drill were taken from a Cross Street residence. There was no alarm system in the house. This case is still under investigation

East Street, August 17. A lap top was taken from an East Street residence. An air conditioner was pushed in to gain access to the house. This case is still under investigation.

School Street, August 5. Evidence obtained from the stolen camera found during the search of Gladstone’s residence on August 14 linked this theft to him. It is considered closed.

Ember Lane, July 23. This case is considered closed.

Martin Street, July 7. This case is considered closed.

Gunshot wound

The Malcolm Meadows resident who was found in his home with a gunshot wound on August 6 has been released from the hospital and sent home to recover. Charges have not yet been made in the case.

July 17 assault on East Meadow Lane

A 17-year-old resident and a 45-year-old victim of a stab wound to the hand were separately charged in this case; the 17-year-old with assault and the 45- year-old with assault and battery and two charges of threatening. The case was heard in Concord Court on August 17 and continued until September 29 to allow time to produce additional information. The victim is now residing in Somerville. Both are free on bail. ∆

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