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Friday, August 14, 2009


STAR OF THE SEASON. A daylily glories in the sun on Bedford Road. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

SUMMER PAVING. A DPW crew works in the summer heat, resurfacing Stearns Street. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

HALO AROUND THE SUN. Bob Zielinski recently snapped this picture of a halo around the sun. Halos are created by reflections and/or refractions on hexagonal ice-crystals, instead of water drops. Although they are more common in cold weather (some of the best photographs are from the South Pole), halo-producing cirrus clouds can be present in warm weather. (Photo by Bob Zielinski)

LUCKY CLOVER. Adam Jolly and his puppy Clover enjoy a stroll along the pathway on Lowell Street. (Photo by Beth Clarke)


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