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Friday, August 14, 2009

Malcolm Meadows resident survives gunshot wound

David Rosenstein, 72, was found at his Malcolm Meadows home Thursday, August 6, lying on his kitchen floor with a gunshot wound through his abdomen. He was conscious and had been there, alone, for over 27 hours. The fact that he was found at all was due to a friend in Concord who had not been able to contact him since the previous Monday night and called Carlisle police on Thursday morning at 9:30 to ask them to check on him. Rosenstein was taken by ambulance to the Lahey Clinic. He is recovering and is expected to be released from the hospital shortly.

Police puzzled by situation

Police Chief John Sullivan says the incident is still under investigation. The initial emergency response was to stabilize Rosenstein and transport him to a medical facility. The police response was more complicated because it wasn’t known whether police were investigating a homicide attempt, a suicide attempt, or, as Rosenstein claimed, a gun-cleaning accident. Sullivan stated that police were treating the house as a crime scene and Carlisle’s police inspector, Sgt. Andy Booth, police Lieutenant Leo Crowe and Sgt. Scott Barnes investigated at the Malcolm Meadows house. State police were called to the scene for additional help. Additionally, a police officer was assigned to guard Rosenstein in the hospital. ∆

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