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Friday, August 14, 2009

Planning Board shorts, August 3

The Town Needs Survey. As a follow-up to the presentation made at the June 9 Board of Selectmen meeting (Mosquito, June 19, 2009, “Survey says residents want new housing options”), John Ballantine met with the Planning Board to “review what steps they might want to take.”

Ballantine, a member of the Town Needs Survey Committee, said that there are two large populations in Carlisle who want additional housing options: approximately 55% of residents between 50 and 80 years would consider staying in smaller houses or apartments whereas approximately 65% of residents with income under $80,000 would consider smaller houses or apartments. Ballantine said, “Surprisingly, multi-family housing is not what they want.” Board Chair David Freedman interjected with, “And yet that may be the best way to maintain Carlisle’s character.”

The board’s consensus was that without a planning budget it would be difficult to move forward at this time.

Assurance Technology Site Plan. After reviewing material presented by Chip Orcutt, property manager of the Assurance Technology Corporation structures at 68 and 84 South Street, the board voted to “recommend that the Selectmen approve the site plan.” Orcutt made his presentation to the Selectmen on July 14. (See “Assurance Technology Corporation nears site plan approval,” Mosquito, July 17.) The planned alterations involve removal of an existing structure that currently connects the two buildings and installation of a smaller link with the addition of a lunch room for the 88 employees working there.

Four board members had previously visited the site with Orcutt. The board’s findings were that the alteration would not impact parking and could in fact reduce lunch-time traffic in the area. Further, they accepted the applicant’s explanation for requested waivers and accepted the engineer’s affidavit regarding site drainage.

ANR Plan – Hanover Hill Subdivision. Rob West, representing Wilkins Hill Realty, presented revised plans for Lots 7 and 8 explaining that the change was needed to accommodate a septic system location. Board Administrator George Mansfield said that the change was subtle and discernable only by overlaying the two sets of plans. The board endorsed the new plan for Lots 7A and 8A as “Approval not Required.”

Affordable Accessory Apartment Bylaw. The Affordable Accessory Apartment (AAA) bylaw had been approved by the state and Mansfield reported that Town Counsel is reviewing a revised draft of the related deed restriction document. ∆

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