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Friday, August 14, 2009

Historical Commission Shorts, July 28

New Fire Cistern in Town Center. Fire Chief David Flannery came before the Commission to inform them of a plan to install a fire cistern on the Fire Station property. The cistern will be tucked away from the center of town and yet will be within 2,000 feet of all buildings the Fire Department wants to protect in the town center. As they do not need to drill a new well, (they will connect this cistern to the existing Fire Station well) there will not be a wellhead above ground, just a small controller box on an 8x11-inch plywood board. When asked what kind of landscaping the fire department will put in, Flannery said they would use either boulders or posts to protect the structure. The Historical Commission asked Flannery to use posts and directed that the controller board and posts be painted green. Flannery readily agreed. The Historical Commission pointed out that the “set plan as submitted by the Carlisle Fire Department labeled the fire cistern plan 2009 with the following conditions: that guards are posts not boulders and that all devices above ground should be painted Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green.” The cistern should be completed by the fall of 2009.

Gleason Library Restoration Application. Steve Webster, of the Gleason Library restoration architectural firm, Lerner Ladds and Bartels, informed the Commission that the current grading of the earth that surrounds the library inclines toward its foundation, thus causing water to flow to the building. The firm proposed a plan to mitigate the water away from the building by connecting the roof drains to the foundation drains, which will pour into two catch basins, and by changing the grading of the land so that water flows away from the foundation. After the work is done, all shrubs and grasses will be replaced and the brick walkways will be re-built to their pre-construction look. The walk in front of the library will not have to be touched.

“Looks fine,” stated Commission member, Geoffrey Freeman, “Are you looking for a motion to approve this?” The commission moved that “We approve the drainage and grading plan submitted by Lerner Ladds and Bartels dated July 7.”

Ferns Update. Larry Bearfield of Ferns came before the Commission to give an update of a change to the exterior porch decking. The contractor Tim Phelan found that there is a grade difference between the current porch and the doors of the former garage. Phelan proposes to build a platform in front of the new doors and a step up onto the porch decking that would traverse the building. Chairman Lamere said, “I don’t think we need to approve anything. You’ve just given us an update.”

Bylaws. The Commission will invite the Selectmen to the next meeting to discuss the sign bylaws. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 29. ∆

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