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Friday, August 14, 2009

Selectmen Shorts, August 11

Special Town Meeting. The Warrant for a Special Town Meeting October 5 was opened. This Special Town Meeting is required because the town has elected to take advantage of an opportunity to prepay debt owed to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), eliminating the need for a debt payment in the FY10 budget. It is expected there will be two articles. The first will make adjustments to the FY10 budget that take into account changes in new growth and state aid, both of which are below what was projected. In addition, Quinn Bill payments to the police which were cut by the state legislature, will be reduced. Treasurer Larry Barton noted that none of these is significant, but “given the opportunity, we might as well clean it up. “ The second article will transfer the unneeded funds out of debt service. The overall impact will be to reduce taxes.

ATC plan approved. The site plan review for Assurance Technology Corporation was concluded, with the BOS granting the request to waive several bylaw provisions. The project review fee was also waived, as the project was deemed minor. The BOS adopted the conditions recommended by the Planning Board that involved septic repairs, grading, replacement of specimen trees, maintenance of landscaping, handicapped parking signage, sign limitations, and the right to amend approval.

Anti-idling request. Susan Stamps of the Carlisle Climate Action Committee made a recommendation that the BOS adopt a policy of no idling. It was noted that millions of gallons of gasoline are wasted nationwide through idling of cars and buses. In addition, idling contributes to atmospheric pollution, and is particularly problematic around schools. Many forms of idling are now against the law, and the committee is recommending community education and signage. The BOS had some concerns with adding to the signage in town, and elected to review the policy and discuss it at a future meeting.

Upcoming meetings. A joint meeting of the Housing Authority and Housing Trust will be held Sept 10 to review the contract to service accessory apartments.

A meeting of the chairs of Concord and Carlisle will be held October 24 to continue discussions about whether the cost of school regionalization should be investigated and to review the work of the high school building committee. That committee plans to present a plan design article at Town Meetings in the spring, a schedule Hult called “tremendously ambitious.”

Town Common. A request to change the dates for the Field of Flags honoring those who have died in recent wars, was requested by Diane Miller, Minister of the FRS. The new dates for the display on the Town Common, approved by the Selectmen, are September 5 through 27. Miller noted the need for a “very large number of volunteers” to place over 5,000 flags on the Town Common.

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is scheduled for federal transportation funding in the 2021 to 2025 time frame. Efforts are being made to move it up.

CCTV is asking the BOS to oppose bill S-1531/H-3785, An Act Promoting Consumer Choice and Competition for Cable Service, sponsored by Verizon which would limit the time for town review of applications for communications. The BOS asked Bill Tice to review the legislation with the Cable Committee and make a recommendation.

Bike news. The town has been informed that a Bike MS ride through Carlisle is planned for August 22 which will include about 100 riders. A letter will be sent to the organization confirming locations for services.

The town has received a MAPC grant of $3,000 for bike racks. Traffic Safety advisory Committee has recommended installation at Spalding, the tennis courts, Town Hall, the Library, Banta-Davis and the Carlisle Public School. The current racks at the library will move to the Bog area.

Appointments: Amy Jolly to the Household Recycling Committee for a three-year term ending June 30, 2012.

Jack O’Connor to the Carlisle Historic Commission as an alternate member ending June 30, 2012.

Christopher Adamchek to the ADA Task Force. He is a lawyer with experience in the area of ADA. Other members of the committee include the Library Director, Fire Chief, and Town Administrator. The committee allocates funding and makes recommendations for conforming with Americans with Disabilities legislation.

Tim Hult, John Williams, Bill Tice, Peter Scavongelli, Doug Stevenson, Jim Bohn and Greg Peterson to the Affordable Housing Trust for terms ending June 30, 2010.

Alan Carpenito, Nathan Brown, and Scavongelli were appointed to the subcommittee coordinating Highland repairs. Brown, Scavongelli, Bob Hinton and John Ballantine were appointed to the subcommittee studying future uses of Highland. Two members of the Carlisle School Committee will be named to the subcommittee at a later date. ∆

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