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Friday, July 17, 2009


FAMILY ULTIMATE FRISBEE ON SUNDAYS. Families who are participating on Sunday evenings 5-7 at Spalding Field include the Wiggins, Marshalls, Heinrichs, Nuzum-Clarks, Phillips, Robers, Szczesniaks, Eisenbies, Sturtz and Balls. Join them for exercise and family fun on two fields for parent’s games, kid’s games and kids and against parents games. For more information contact Sandy Eisenbies 1-978-254-5424 or (Courtesy photo)

MOON ROCKS. A sample of rocks and soils brought back by NASA moon missions were on display at Gleason Library on Monday, July 13. (Photo by Dave Ives)

GROWING FERNS IN CARLISLE. Construction continues at Ferns in Carlisle Center. Here the ceiling rafters are going up on the new middle section. (Photo by Dave Ives)

OVER THE MOON. Matthew Li proudly displays the moon rocks he had a chance to hold at the Gleason Library’s lunar exhibit on Monday, July 13. (Photo by Dave Ives)

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