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Friday, July 17, 2009

Concord changes center traffic flow

On July 13, the Town of Concord modified the current traffic flow at Monument Square in the town center. The changes involve placing the southbound approach of Lowell Road under yield control at its intersection with Main Street, creating a standard roundabout at the flagpole in Monument Square.

A yield sign has been added at the rotary in Concord’s Monument Square. (Map adapted from

The changes are based on the recommendations of a traffic engineering firm that was hired to evaluate this area and will be implemented on a 60 day trial basis, beginning Monday, July 13, 2009. At the conclusion of the 60 day period, an assessment of the reconfiguration will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the proposed changes to the traffic pattern.

The proposed reconfiguration would allow more protection for those pedestrians using the marked crosswalks in Monument Square, by forcing motorists to yield prior to Main Street and Lexington Road.

Initial traffic delays may be experienced on Lowell Road as a result of the proposed changes in Monument Square. Within a short period of time it is expected that traffic will adjust to the roundabout.

For more information, contact Inspector Thomas M. Mulcahy at 1-978-318-3411, or at ∆

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