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Friday, July 17, 2009

Board of Health shorts, July 14

Ferns County Store – semi-annual inspection. Proprietors Larry Bearfield and Robin Emmerson appeared before the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) on July 14 to discuss the store’s recent health inspection. It was found that many of the violations are largely caused by the age and design of the building, and will be permanently solved by the renovation and addition in the fall.

The owners presented samples of the new flooring to the board, and listed the materials that the walls would be coated with to increase ease of cleaning. They stated that the incorrect labeling of grab and go items had been fixed, and that the grab and go cooler that had malfunctioned on the day of the inspection had been replaced, with all non-safe products disposed of.

The board requested that a plan outlining menus, scheduling, staff training, cleaning schedules and related information for both during and after the renovation be submitted to the BOH at their August meeting, that would then be passed on to the health inspector to show how all current issues would be addressed. Bearfield also explained to the board multiple measures that would be implemented during the renovation to lower current levels of water usage and allow for the installation of a low flow hand sink in the new bathroom.

Flu vaccination. The BOH will provide town clinics and free flu vaccination for the elderly again this fall. When the vaccine for H1N1, currently recommended by the state for all ages, becomes available there will be separate clinics for that as well. Swine Flu vaccines would be funded by a federal grant, and medical staffing would be administered by the MRC. Such vaccination would require two visits, each for a separate injection. More information on this will be discussed by the board as it becomes available.

Emergency automatic cell phone calling system. This system was again discussed by the board and it was reported that the town will not be able to join with another town’s system. The board will speak with the Selectmen about how best to go about creating and funding a new system for Carlisle.

Comprehensive permit regulations. Michael Epstein, Vice Chair of the Planning Board appeared to discuss new regulations adopted by the Zoning Board of Appeals that the BOH has the option of adopting as well. The first would give the board the ability to start a Town Hall Advisory Group process for any developer that approached them for permits, and the second would allow them to ask developers to pay into a 53G account that would fund any engineering peer review the BOH may require for a project. The board will consider the proposal and render a decision at their next meeting on August 4th.

Year-end budget review. The Board of Health’s review found that they had spent none of their sewer and water money; that they had used all of their emergency fund; they were within their $3,000 spending cap; and they had around $200 left in their 53E account.

Intern application. An application was presented to the board by Linda Fantasia on behalf of her daughter Jenn Fanatsia, who wishes to become an intern for the BOH. As Jenn Fantasia has already and continues to do volunteer work with her mother for the board that amounts to the duties of an intern, the board voted to give her the position officially.

Septic system loan program. One of the applicants whose loan was approved by the board last month requested to pay her contractor out of her own pocket and then be reimbursed by the board directly. As this is allowed under the program, the board agreed to this measure.

Lyme Disease talk. The speaker that the BOH had previously tried to bring to Carlisle to give a talk on how to recognize, avoid, and treat Lyme Disease was found to be too expensive, so they worked with several other towns’ Boards of Health to provide a venue. The talk will be hosted by Natick on July 22 and televised on local cable.

58 Wolf Rock Road. A revised plan with a two foot water offset was presented by the owner, Kent Gonzales, that would allow the structure to use 600 gallons of water a day and no longer need the 440 gallons a day variance previously granted by the board. The board approved this new plan providing it complies with both the inspector’s and consultant’s reports.

236 Lowell Road. The installation of a Perc-rite drip irrigation, wastewater disposal system instead of a more standard leach field was discussed by the board. They approved it, provided it passed all required state inspections.

147 Hutchins Road. The deed restriction barring a garbage disposal in the house which is being remodeled was ratified by the board. ∆

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