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Friday, July 17, 2009

Historical Commission shorts, June 30

Seasonal signage. At the June 30 meeting of the Historical Commission, Jack O’Connor of 68 Church Street asked for approval to stake a seasonal sign in front of his house advertising a field mowing service. His black and white sign indicates the service provided and telephone number. Commissioner Geoffrey Freeman moved “to approve the temporary seasonal service signage at 68 Church Street for display on a repeated annual basis from June through October, such signs being displayed by the resident offering the service and at their property. The sign must be black and white with maximum size of 24” X 16”, non-illuminated, as per the photos submitted with application #09-03. The commission voted in favor 4 to 0, with commission member Sylvia Sillers recusing herself, as she is an abutter.

New member. All voted in favor of Jack O’Connor’s application to become a member of the Historical Commission. O’Connor has lived in the Historic District of Carlisle since 1970 in an 1834 house. He replaces Larry Bearfield, who resigned earlier this year.

Pathway update. Freeman received word from Pathways Committee Chair Deb Belanger that a mother of a boy with disabilities complained that the catch basin in front of 49 Concord Street narrows the pathway to make it unsafe for a wheelchair to pass by, and is a safety hazard. The Pathway Committee will look into this. The Historical Commission does not need to do anything at this point.

Fire Station cistern. Fire Chief David Flannery will attend next month’s meeting to ask for permission to install a cistern on the Fire Station property on Westford Street. This property borders the historic district.

New Chair. Peggy Hilton stepped down as Commission Chair. Commissioner Marc Lamere was elected chair for a one-year term by a unanimous vote.

Temporary signs. Lamere volunteered to call a contractor about a sign posted in front of an historic district residence for more than 30 days. Discussion ensued over whether it is up to the Historical Commission to enforce the temporary sign bylaw, or whether it is up to the Zoning Board or Building Inspector. This bylaw allows for a temporary sign to be displayed for 30 days or less. Lamere will review the bylaw and invite the appropriate officials, as in the Selectmen, Zoning Board and Building Inspector to the next meeting. Commission member Chip Dewing stated, “the more we have to take on in the district, the more it doesn’t get enforced.” Freeman held the Historic Commission’s concern should be the “design of the sign.” ∆

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