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Friday, July 3, 2009


Carlisle’s 2009 Honored Citizens: Keith and Bonnie Greer

[Ed note: Dave Reed, speaking without notes, introduced the award winners Keith and Bonnie Greer. The following is a transcript made from a video of his remarks.] ...more

2009 Conservationist of the Year: John Lee

It is with trepidation and humility that I approach the
microphone today. Previous year’s speeches by John Lee set
the bar high for humor and content. Fortunately, the resume
of the 2009 COTY is so abundant, that the job of enumerating
their accomplishments is easy. ...more

Sun shines on Carlisle’s Old Home Day -
Third largest field runs Carlisle Road Races

Two hundred runners assembled for the 34th Annual Carlisle Road Races, with 140 finishing the one-mile race (67 female, 78 in the 11 and under age group), and 58 in the five-mile race (17 female, with five in the 11 and under age group). The weather conditions were similar to last year, humid and mid-60s. ...more

Biodiversity Corner Declaration of Interdependence

When in the course of planetary events it becomes necessary for one species to get a grip on itself and assume among the powers of that planet, a station that shows a decent respect to the laws of nature and the future of mankind, it is right and proper to declare the basic dependencies of the system within which we live, seek liberty, and pursue happiness. ...more

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