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Friday, July 3, 2009

Shorts from the Planning Board, June 22

165 Prospect Street. Under the provisions of the Scenic Roads Bylaw and the Public Shade Tree Act, any cutting or removal of trees within the right-of-way or the tearing down or destruction of stone walls along a Scenic Road requires written consent of the Planning Board. Jeff Adams (Adams Construction) appeared before the board and requested authorization to remove eight trees at 165 Prospect Street. The number requiring approval was reduced to six after the board referred to its relevant Rules and Regulations wherein a tree is defined as: “... a perennial woody plant whose trunk has a diameter of four inches or more as measured four feet above the ground.”

Several Prospect Street residents expressed concern on the impact this would have on the appearance along the road. Adams said that the stone wall would be built up and trees would be planted in the area of the existing driveway in keeping with the appearance of the remaining stone wall.

The board approved the removal of up to six trees with the stipulation that Adams, Planning Board Administrator George Mansfield and Carlisle Tree Warden Gary Davis review the site and determine whether it was practical to reduce the planned width of the driveway and thereby remove fewer trees. Regardless of their assessment, six trees will be planted and the stone wall will be constructed at the existing driveway location.

Change to Hanover Hill Subdivision pathway. Rob West, representing Wilkins Hill Realty, requested a change to the approved footpath along Westford Street and to easements as they intersect Johnson Road on Lots 28 and 1. West explained that the existing easement location would require cutting into a small hill, removing two mature oak trees and compromising two other mature oaks. The requested change would move the pathway closer to Westford Street to jog around the base of the hill and then run up Johnson Road to the previously planned crossing of Johnson Road.

The board approved the change as a “field change” not requiring a reopening of subdivision hearings. However, the change in easement location will require approval at a later Town Meeting.

Affordable Accessory Apartment deed restriction. The Affordable Accessory Apartment (AAA) bylaw had been approved by the state (Carlisle Mosquito, January 23, 2009, “Shorts from the Affordable Housing Trust”) and Carlisle Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett and the Housing Authority asked the Planning Board to review a draft of the related deed restriction document as reviewed by Town Counsel. The Planning Board is the special permit granting authority for an AAA.

The draft deed restriction specifies that the special permit “runs with the land.” However, the AAA bylaw specifies that the permit terminates upon the sale of the property, or transfer of title of the building. The board asked Tom Lane, board liaison to the Housing Authority, to ask them to consider having Town Counsel revisit the deed restriction language. Board member Michael Epstein asked a rhetorical question: “How can we grant a permit that conflicts with the bylaw?”

Next Planning Board meeting is Monday, August 3, 7:30 pm. ∆

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