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Friday, July 3, 2009

Selectmen make committee appointments

Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie is retiring after nine years, and on June 23 the Board of Selectmen (BOS) took considerable time to discuss applicants for the Town Administrator Search Committee, to be composed of two members of the BOS, one member of the Personnel Board, one Town Hall employee and one at-large member of the public. Personnel Board member Laurel Ostram and Town Treasurer Larry Barton were appointed in addition to Selectmen Tim Hult and John Williams. Dave Reed was chosen from among several applicants for the citizen-at-large member. Deb Belanger had also volunteered, but her role on the Pathways Committee seemed to disqualify her for the at-large slot. Williams suggested the search committee include Belanger, a former Selectman, as a non-voting associate member, if she agrees.

The search committee will be quite busy throughout the summer. Over 20 applications for the town administer position have been received, and a decision is targeted for mid-September in order to have someone on board by October 1. It was noted that some of the tasks to be completed by the committee include developing a job description with town employee feedback, reviewing applications, interviewing a top tier list of candidates, making a recommendation of three or four to be interviewed by the BOS and negotiating a contract.

Other appointments

Audit Committee (three years): Simon Platt.

Board of Registrars (three years): Cynthia Schweppe.

Conservation Commission (three years): Peter Burn.

Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee (one year): Jenifer Bush, Wayne Davis, Ken Harte, John Keating and Marc Lamere.

Council on Aging (three years): Liz Bishop, Phyllis Goff, Abha Singhal and Helen Taylor.

Cultural Council (two years): Kathy Coughlin-Horvath, Patricia Koenitzer, Seema Peterson and Claudia Bard Veitch.

Household Recycling Committee (three years): Robert Peary, Robert Wallhagen and Daniel Scholten.

Long Term Capital Requirements Committee (three years): Gregory Bondick and Thornton Ash.

Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory (Pathways) Committee (one year): John Bakewell, Debra Belanger, Mary-Lynn Bohn (associate), Eileen Faber and John Troast.

Trails (three years): Henry Cox and Marc Lamere.

Youth Commission (three years): Nicole Bloomfield, Pliny Jewell, Ray Jimenez and Phil Lotane. ∆

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