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Friday, July 3, 2009

Carlisle teachers contract expires, negotiations continue

As of June 30, the Carlisle School teachers are without a contract. Contracts are negotiated between the teachers union, the Carlisle Teachers Association (CTA), and the Carlisle School Committee (CSC), and typically cover a three-year time period. The CSC has held numerous executive session meetings for contract negotiations since last fall but no agreement has been reached to date. When contacted for comment, CSC Chair Chad Koski said, “The negotiations are ongoing.” He declined to comment further, saying it would be inappropriate to “characterize the process at this time.” When asked to describe the ramifications of a gap without a teacher contract, he stated, “it would also be inappropriate to comment on what, if anything, may be affected by the negotiations.”

John Williams, the Selectmen’s liaison on the CSC negotiating subcommittee, said at the June 23 Board of Selectmen meeting that contract talks between the CTA and CSC will continue with a meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 2, after the Mosquito went to press.

Over the past decade, teacher contracts have been ratified by May 1. The current expired contract gave the teachers a 4.0 % raise the first year, with a 3.9 % raise in each of the following two years. In 2003 teachers received a 2.0 % raise, with the lower amount attributed to tough financial times. However, it was estimated in 2003 that after factoring in education level and steps most teachers with less than 12 years of experience would receive a total salary increase of about 6.5 %. The 2001 contract covered two years instead of three. In 1998 the teachers had a three-year contract, with a 2.75% increase for the first year and 3.0% increase each of the next two years. ∆

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