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Friday, June 26, 2009

Quinn cuts force police salary adjustments

The controversial Massachusetts Quinn Bill, which provides state funding for salary boosts for police officers who earn college degrees, will be severely cut or eliminated next year. On June 23, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) discussed how to adjust Carlisle police salaries to reflect the new realities. ...more

Carlisle School graduates celebrate their journey

Overcast skies on Tuesday evening forced a change of venue, but could not dampen the smiles of the students, families and faculty gathered in the Corey Auditorium for the eighth-grade graduation of the Carlisle School Class of 2009. ...more

State gives Carlisle details of school building project aid

At the BOS meeting June 23 a letter was presented from the Massachusetts School Building Association (MSBA) approving 40% reimbursement for the design phase of the Carlisle School Building project. A pleasant surprise was that the master plan paid for by the town some years ago will also be included. ...more

FinTeam meeting reports $300,000 extra on FY09

Selectman Doug Stevenson reported that the FinTeam meeting of June 23 had provided a recap of end-of-fiscal year FY09 finances. FY09 ends June 30. Local receipts will fall about $70,000 to $90,000 short, and snow and ice is over budget by $64,000. The abatement for a tax levy at Cross Street will cost $30,000 above what is available in the overlay account. ...more

Contract with dispatchers approved

The Carlisle dispatchers have voted to unionize, and the first collective bargaining agreement was signed on June 9. The contract provides for a 2.5% salary increase each year and for longevity incentives for every five years of service. ...more

Conservation Commission shorts, June 18

Conservation Commission (ConsCom) Chair Tom Schultz had mixed feelings during their June 18 meeting. “It’s been a fun six years,” said a somewhat pensive Schultz, who is leaving after serving two terms on the Commission. Members waited until the meeting was over to honor Schultz with some cake, beverage and praise. During the meeting, Peter Burn was chosen ...more


In last week’s issue it was not clearly stated that the original estimate of $800,000 to be saved by a consolidation of the Carlisle and Concord school administrations referred to shared savings for both towns. It was expected the savings to Carlisle would be lower. The Mosquito regrets the error. ...more

How to lower home energy use

A grant from the Massachusetts Municipal Association brought Alicia Hunt to Town Hall last month to share energy-saving tips with Carlisle residents. The first installment of Hunt’s recommendations appeared in the June 12 Mosquito. Additional ideas appear below: ...more

News from surrounding towns

The following news items were extracted from material available online: ...more

Board of Health shorts, July 16

Animal inspector stipends. The Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) has approved next year’s $1,000 stipend for the position of Animal Inspector. Inspectors Lawrence Sorli and Deborah Toher perform barn inspections, help with wildlife calls (such as bats in the attic), put restraining orders on dogs that have bitten ...more

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