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Friday, June 26, 2009

Conservation Commission shorts, June 18

Conservation Commission (ConsCom) Chair Tom Schultz had mixed feelings during their June 18 meeting. “It’s been a fun six years,” said a somewhat pensive Schultz, who is leaving after serving two terms on the Commission. Members waited until the meeting was over to honor Schultz with some cake, beverage and praise. During the meeting, Peter Burn was chosen to succeed Schultz as ConsCom chair. No one came forward to volunteer for Chair-elect.

Hanover Hills. Jonathan Bollan, of the engineering firm of Stamski and McNary, represented Wilkins Hill Realty in hearings for three properties in the Hanover Hills subdivision off Westford Street. The ConsCom first reopened a continued public hearing on Lot 7, 240 Hanover Road. Bollan explained that an old stone wall will be relocated to define the limit of alteration on the steep slope between the house and the wetlands. The Board of Health (BOH) has required an additional septic system test pit. Members voted to close the public hearing and issued an Order of Conditions contingent on BOH approval.

Bollan also addressed Lot B, 11 Hanover Road, in a continued public hearing related to the construction of a portion of a single family home, associated grading, driveway and well located in the wetland buffer zone. Several minor changes satisfied the members that the proposed construction complied with their demands and they voted to close the hearing and issue an Order of Conditions.

The public hearing of Lot 13, 20 Gormley Way also involved a Notice of Intent for construction of a portion of a home and associated grading located in the wetland buffer zone. Bollan described a revised location of a silt barrier and relocation of the stone wall, whereby the members voted to close the public hearing and approve an Order of Conditions.

41 Patten Lane. Bollan represented Mehdi Khayami in the continuation of a public hearing regarding Khayami’s request for a permit to build two additions to his house which is located in a wetland buffer zone. One problem involves some stones that were deposited in the wetland and restoration of the affected area. Bollan explained that the stones will be removed with the help of a Bobcat and that vegetation such as ferns will be planted to restore the wetland. A pool fence located in the wetland will be relocated and an offending shed removed. After a warning from Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard regarding possible damage to the wetland caused by the Bobcat, members voted to close the hearing and issue a Standard Order of Conditions. They also approved an Enforcement Order to ensure that the restoration plan was carried out as promised.

Great Brook Farm State Park. The public hearing regarding a Notice of Intent from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation to dredge the farm pond at Great Brook State Park was postponed until August 13.

145 South Street. Loretta Ho Sherblom, representing her son, made a Request for Determination as to whether or not a formal application would be required for widening and paving of the driveway and construction of a turnaround. “The house is on a curve and cars have to back out onto South Street creating a dangerous condition,” said Sherblom. The plan, which involves proximity to the septic system, has been approved by BOH. ConsCom members voted unanimously to issue a Negative Order of Determination.

501 Lowell Street. The commission opened a hearing regarding a Notice of Intent from Jill Goldman. Goldman wishes to install a driveway and carport and add on to an existing single family home. “The driveway will be routed through an existing break in the stonewall,” explained engineer David Schofield. Access is presently in a dangerous location on the crest of a hill with scant room to park next to the road. Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard visited the location and observed an overgrown greenhouse with broken glass that presents an obstacle to alternative parking. “Could you remove the greenhouse,” asked ConsCom member Tricia Smith. The owner was reluctant to do this as the greenhouse structure is still sound, but agreed to “think about it.” No DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) number has yet been issued, which proved to be a showstopper and caused chair Schultz to declare “We can’t proceed without a permit.” The hearing was rescheduled to July 16.

Appointments. Lynn Knight, Tim Donahue and Warren Lyman were reappointed by ConsCom to the Land Stewardship Committee. ∆

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