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Friday, June 19, 2009


Never say “never” – except at graduation

It seems to me that the word “never” is overused in our society. “I’ll never talk to you again!” we say. “I’ve never told a lie.” “I never gossip.” Never acts like a substitute for almost, when it is supposed to mean that “something has or will not occur in the past, present, or future.” It is a weighty word easily misused. ...more

Eight reasons why Mr. Bober is so special . . .

1. Flexible like a rubber band always making room for meetings, classroom lessons and helping people with different things. ...more

Awards presented at graduation

The John F. Donovan Memorial Flag Award: ...more

CCHS’ Carlisle graduates step toward the future

Daniel Abel - Roanoke College ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Daddy Long-legs

Father’s day is nearly here so it seems opportune to spend some time with a daddy creature. Father’s day this year coincides with the summer solstice. Somewhere in the length of the day, spare a moment to ponder the wonders of the Daddy Long-legs. On a shorter day you may not afford the time for something like that. ...more

Holocaust history comes alive for Carlisle students

A cross-disciplinary approach at the Carlisle Public School between social studies and language arts in the eighth grade strengthens the understanding of the Holocaust for Carlisle students. Mike Miller, who has taught social studies for the past 14 years at Carlisle, and Marcella Pixley, a language arts teacher for the past five years, use a joint teaching ...more

Excerpts from students’ journals

“Mr. Krasa has a certain amount of time left on earth. . . . if he were to die (I can’t even think of that. It makes me want to cry) all of his stories and experiences would be lost forever. Because he told his story to us and because he tells countless others) we younger ones can carry it on. Otherwise an important piece of history would just be swept ...more

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