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Friday, June 19, 2009


Eight reasons why Mr. Bober is so special . . .

1. Flexible like a rubber band always making room for meetings, classroom lessons and helping people with different things.

2. Always caring about what’s going on and he always knows how to work things out.

3. Mr. Bober, like the wisdom of a dictionary, full of clever words and advices.

4. He can fit everything into a schedule just like putting jigsaw pieces into a puzzle.

5. Lucky for Mr. Bober, he gets to see his daughter and grandchildren at work everyday.

6. Mr. Bober has a GREAT sense of humor! He always knows how to plant a smile on someone’s face!

7. He is very responsible for always being on time.

8. If there were a star in the sky, then Mr. Bober would outshine that star in just two seconds!

It won’t be the same without you in Carlisle Public Schools, but the seeds you have planted in Carlisle have grown-up so tall. The students you have taught, the teachers you have helped, have grown wise, beautiful and strong.

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