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Friday, June 12, 2009

Planning Board shorts, 8 June

Nathan Brown joins Planning Board. The recent Town Election added new member Nathan Brown to the board. Tom Lane, a continuing member, had been re-elected and, with the resignation of Ken Hoffman, associate member David Freedman was appointed to fill Hoffman’s position until the next Town Election. Former Selectman Alan Carpenito applauded Hoffman’s contribution as board representative to the Highland Building Study Subcommittee. “It was his area of expertise and he did an excellent job.” At the June 8 Planning Board meeting Freedman was elected chair; Michael Epstein, vice-chair; Carol Nathan, clerk; and Marc Lamere, treasurer.

Planning Board seeks two associate members. The Carlisle Planning Board is seeking town residents who would be interested in serving as associate members of the board. If you are interested, contact Planning Administrator George Mansfield at 1-978-369-9702.

Affordable Accessory Apartment Bylaw. The Affordable Accessory Apartment (AAA) bylaw had been approved by the state (Carlisle Mosquito, January 23, 2009, “Shorts from the Affordable Housing Trust”) and Carlisle Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett and the Housing Authority asked the Planning Board to review a draft of the related deed restriction document. The Planning Board is the special permit granting authority for an AAA. During the review one significant error was noted: the bylaw specifies that the permit terminates upon the sale of the property or transfer of title of the building whereas the draft deed restriction specifies that the special permit “runs with the land.” Detailed comments along with the suggestion that a set of Rules and Regulations be adopted will be sent to Barnett and to Housing Authority Chair Alan Lehotsky.

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) 40B Rules and Regulations. ZBA Chair Ed Rolf asked the board to respond to a memo issued by the Carlisle Housing Authority. There was an immediate reaction to the Housing Authority suggestion that 40B Rules and Regs to be implemented by the ZBA for management of future 40B developments in Carlisle be submitted to the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for comment. Several board members alluded to “having the fox review plans for the hen house.” [At a prior meeting, Planning Board consultant Jon Witten, attorney and certified urban planner who worked with the ZBA on the Rules and Regs said, “The (state 40B) regulations are not town friendly and some are hostile to cities and towns.” (Carlisle Mosquito, November 14, 2008,“Planning Board shorts.”)] ∆

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