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Friday, June 5, 2009

CCHS receives CCPA grants

Through the annual appeal, the Concord-Carlisle Parents Association (CCPA) raises money to supplement the classroom and extra-curricular activities at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). The following are the recipients of the 17 approved spring grants, which totaled $20,760.

The Art Department received six grants for $5,255, which will be used to: replace digital enlarging timers, for materials for the 19th Century Wet Plate Collodion Process photography classes, for art library augmentation; for the introduction of high fire stoneware glazes for ceramics classes; for paint for the Urban Art Club to paint a second mural in the cafeteria; and for binder cartridges for a special printer which will be used in applied technology classes to create three-dimensional images.

The English Department received four grants for $4,864, which will be used to purchase 15 MP3 players, MP3-CDs of books, study guides and worksheets; the purchase of a VHS-DVD converter and some new DVDs. In addition, the grant funds a performance and workshops by International Slam Poet Champion Gayle Danley.

Tracy Tsou of the Foreign Language Department received a $561 grant for several book/CD sets to augment the Chinese classroom resources.

June Patton of the Math Department received a grant of $1,425 to purchase several Activetablets. These tablets are used by students in conjunction with Activboards. They allow the immediate sharing of drawings and graphs made by individual students with the class, providing immediate feedback and team learning.

The Science Department received five grants for $6,156, which will be used to continue the pGLO biology lab; to buy a digital melting point thermometer for Chemistry, and to purchase eight dynamic system devices for physics labs. The department will also purchase DVDs to be used with Activboards and the new weather services group will purchase equipment to create programming for WIQH, CCTV and their own website.

Barbara Goodman of the Special Education Department received a grant of $2,500 to fund a workshop on executive functioning for teachers, special educators and tutors. Research Institute for Learning and Development staff members will conduct the workshop, specifically designed to develop a common language and strategy to be used throughout the high school.

The grants committee was made up of Jeanine Calabria, Sue Gladstone, Debra Hankey, Amy Harlow, Shelley Mogil, Kate McCandless, Paula von Kleydorff and chaired by Susan Mills. Mills spoke for the group, “It is wonderful to be associated with a group that has such a positive impact on our school. We appreciate the opportunity to provide the teachers with the means to enhance their curriculums and are very thankful for the community’s generous response to the Parent Association annual appeal.” ∆

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