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Friday, June 5, 2009

Don’t penalize regular education

To the Editor:

Of the possible $678,000 reduction in state aid to CCHS, $350,000 is due to a reduction in the reimbursement rate for Special Education circuit breaker funds (Mosquito, 5/29/09). Of the reductions listed in the Mosquito, the only classes listed for reduction in sections were the “advanced science” classes. For AP Chemistry to go from two sections to one section will mean that ten students, who were advised to take this course and have signed up for this course, will be kicked out of their science class. These are predominantly students who have a low average cost to educate – regular education only. No reductions to the Special Education budget were noted. No reductions to residential out-placement Special Education were noted. Why is the school not cutting funds from the programs that have lost state funding? There is no incentive for the Special Education providers to maintain reasonable costs. State law requires a “free and appropriate education” for students in need of or enrolled in Special Education services. Wouldn’t it be nice if the regular education students were also entitled to a “free and appropriate education,” which for many students at CCHS, means access to high level science courses? Competitive colleges expect applicants to have taken the most rigorous courses in order to be accepted. Reducing these rigorous courses denies students an appropriate education, both at CCHS and by limiting post-secondary education options. I beseech the school to fund the cuts elsewhere.

Barbara Pauplis
Estabrook Road

Thanks for donations

To the Editor:

Carlisle overflowed with generosity for the animals and activities of the Lowell Humane Society at Pass It Forward Day. An over-stuffed carload of pet supplies, food, and bedding was joyfully received at the shelter in Lowell. A big thank you to all, from the many pets waiting for adoption and from the people who support them. The cats and kittens, dogs and bunnies, ferrets, parakeets, and hamsters at the shelter will have a better life, because you cared.

Also, thank you Carlisle for the many contributions to Beanies for Baghdad at Pass It Forward Day. The toys and good wishes you provided will be sent for distribution to the children of Baghdad in a gesture of goodwill and friendship between our citizens and troops and the people of Iraq.

Carol Foster
Nathan Lane

CSA thanks Spring Luncheon volunteers

To the Editor:

The annual Spring Luncheon, held Tuesday, June 2nd to honor the outstanding work of the Carlisle Public School’s teachers and staff, would not have been possible without the generous support of our school community. We would like to thank each and every parent who prepared the delicious salads, main courses, and desserts as well as those who made monetary donations. We’d like to thank the Quinlan Family for the beautiful floral arrangements and Casey Smith for the creative center piece quotes. Also, we extend a special thank you to those who helped set up, serve, and clean up: Hunter Hutchinson, Jennifer Kidder, Anina Selve, Cathleen Joyce, Kathy Westwater, Ann Marie Brako, Bonnie Krims, Wendy Barrow, Eva Mostoufi, Debbie Golis, Cathy Moore, Patty Charvat, Marybeth Stevenson, Holly Salemy.

If you have not yet picked up your serving pieces, please call 1-978-287-4307.

Thank you again to all those who helped make the luncheon a big success!

Kristie Ridick & Stephanie Shenton
CSA Luncheon Coordinators

Pass It Forward thanks

To the Editor:

Thank you to the generous citizens of Carlisle who donated items during Pass It Forward Day at the Transfer Station this past Saturday. Thanks to Gary Davis, Jimmy Woods, and Chris Sireen for permitting this event at the Transfer Station and tolerating the extra confusion in good humor. Thanks to Jane Anderson, from the Household Recycling Committee, who helped on Saturday and in many ways throughout the year, and to the people who helped on Saturday to load, unload, and shuttle items to the distribution center in my garage: Steve Herbst, Elena Herbst, Sarah Fry, Samantha Oriola, Amy Jolly, Madison Jolly, Rob Peary, and Bob Wallhagen.

The charities represented on Saturday were Beanies for Baghdad, Billerica Cat Care Coalition, BKP, Cradles to Crayons, Delta Projects, Domestic Violence Victims’ Assistance Program, Gleason Library, Household Goods Recycling Ministry, and Lowell Humane Society. Thank you to all their representatives, too numerous to name individually. Other participating charities are Acton Community Supper, Big Brother Big Sister, Carlisle’s Council on Aging, Concord Players, Concord Poetry Center, Discovery Museum, First Religious Society, MIT’s International Students Program, Rowe Camp, St. Irene, and VA (Veterans’ Administration)Hospitals in Bedford and Springfield.

It’s not too late to donate items. If you have adult clothing, floor lamps, molded plastic lawn chairs, a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), cell phones, sanders, a 100-foot rope, or large electric coffee pots, call me at 1-978-369-5236. I’ll get these items to the charities that need them. Thank you.

Mary Zoll
Director, Pass It Forward, 2009

Piano appeal

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Public School Music Department has been fundraising since December for the purchase of a new grand piano. We are very excited to announce that we have found the instrument we will be purchasing: a brand new Schimmel Classic Grand. Thank you so much to everyone who already donated to the piano fund. We have raised a little over $19,000 and we are less than $6,000 away from our goal. It is our sincere hope to raise $3,000 before the end of the school year. With the generous matching donation of a Carlisle family, we will be able to have the new piano in place for September. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to help continue the tradition of beautiful music in the Carlisle Public School and community, you can contact the Music Department at 1-978-369-6550 or download a pledge form at Our sincere thanks to everyone for supporting the future of music in the Carlisle Public School.

Megan Fitzharris Harlow, Deana Saada-Smith, Angela Monke & Amy Fichera
The Carlisle School Music Department

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