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Friday, May 22, 2009

High School awarded Concord Education Fund grants

This year, the Concord Education Fund received 22 grant applications totaling over $205,000 from teachers and administrators. Of these applications, 14, for a total of $109,838, will be funded. The Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) was a big winner, gaining $77,156 of the funding, plus funds for other endeavors.

In addition to the 14 grants, another $9,900 will be allocated to complete the Digital Recording Studio at the high school. Roughly $65,000 over several years was used for this project.

CCHS Chemistry teacher Cricket McCaffrey-Clark received a grant for $11,750 to fund a team of teachers to become trained in the use of Moodle software. These teachers will then develop a template for teachers to use in developing interactive, online learning environments.

CCHS Earth Science teacher, Peter Nichol, received $7,075 to purchase curricular materials and measurement equipment to be used by students to perform home-energy analysis on a quarterly basis.

CCHS English teacher Bee Loprete received a grant for just under $30,000 to install a permanent technology cart in an English classroom. Sophomore year, students take an intensive writing course. The computers on this technology cart will mainly be used for these students.

CCHS English teacher Andrew Sapp received a grant for $26,000 for the purchase of video, digital and audio production equipment to support student learning in media production in curricular and co-curricular activities. Students will produce television-ready broadcasts for curriculum-related projects and/or classroom use.

Director of Teaching and Learning Kathy Codianne received a grant for $2,500 to fund a consultant to facilitate the development of a Global Literacy Program at CCHS to encourage study and service abroad. Michelle Ernst, the Grants Committee Co-chair, said other schools in the area already have Global Literacy Programs in place. The consultant’s job will be to review other schools’ implementation, determine “best practice” and put a framework together which will meet the criteria needed for a student to receive a Global Literacy Certificate. Criteria is cross-curricular and may include specific experiences abroad.

Along with funding for the “Hooked on Science” initiative that is being developed to augment the science facilities, CCHS will receive almost $130,000 in funding this year from Concord Education Fund. ∆

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