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Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember to Pass It Forward

To the Editor:

Pass It Forward Day is coming up soon – Saturday, May 30, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Transfer Station. A number of charitable organizations will be collecting various items. Now is the time to weed out those things that are taking up valuable space.

Once again, Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts ( will be collecting serviceable furniture and household items. HGRM distributes these goods free to hundreds of families in need every year and will accept items beginning at 9 a.m. Now is the time to clean out mattresses, cribs, dressers, pots and pans, and other unneeded things you may find during your spring cleaning. Most anything that’s needed to equip an apartment would be appreciated.

In addition, this year the BKP, a local organization ( that has created over one hundred minilibraries in poor communities in the Philippines, will be collecting children’s books. English is a second language in Filipino schools, but many schools have few to no books. Gently used books from kindergarten through high school will be put to good use.

Jo-Ann and I will be helping with both these efforts and hope to see everyone at the Transfer Station for this annual event.

David Driscoll
Fiske Street

Carlisle Neighbor Fund can help neighbors

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Neighbor Fund (CNF) has assisted local households with grants for personal needs, such as utility bills and expenses following a medical crisis. The CNF is one fund that exists in three places: St. Irene Church, Carlisle Congregational Church and The First Religious Society. It was established anonymously in November by two couples concerned about Carlisle families who might need funds in these economically perilous times. Their example has prompted additional donations, which have added to the original gift.

Requests for a grant can be made privately and confidentially to clergy. Recipients must be current Carlisle residents, need not be connected with a Carlisle church or any religious tradition. We update each other in general terms about requests and disbursements. If you could be helped by this fund, contact Fr. Donohoe at St. Irene, Pastor Steven James Weibley at the Congregational Church, or Rev. Diane Miller at the First Religious Society. If you know of someone who might benefit, do tell them about this resource.

Rev. Diane Miller
First Religious Society

Thanks from Scavongelli

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the voters of Carlisle who participated in the Town Election, and gave me the opportunity to serve on the Board of Selectmen. I look forward to working with the other board members during these challenging times.

I would also like to thank Alan Carpenito for his many years of service to the town as a board member and wish him all the best going forward.

Peter Scavongelli
Hutchins Road

Thanks from Shyjan

To the Editor:

  Thank you Carlisle Voters! I am honored to be your new Gleason Library Trustee. My thanks to Jay Luby, an excellent candidate who made me work for every vote, and in the process allowed me to meet so many wonderful new people in town, to get to know friends even better, and to learn more about our town treasure, the Gleason Library.

  Now that I have been elected, I am eager to get to work. You can continue to reach me at or stop me when you see me. I am really interested in hearing what you enjoy about the Gleason Library, what you wish to see at the library or anything else you want me to know concerning the library. Look for a “Meet the Trustees” event at the library in the near future.

Larissa Shyjan
Davis Road

Where are West Street repairs?

To the Editor:

Carlisle’s budget for 2008 was approved to include the repair and repaving of West Street. I am sure you have seen the state of disrepair of this major artery that crosses our community. The deplorable condition becomes even more apparent when you cross the town lines either from Concord or Westford. It is only a matter of time before we have a serious or even fatal accident on this street. For some reason, this project that I can only guess must cost tens of thousand of dollars, fails to materialize. I have written several times to Gary R. Davis, Superintendent of Public Works, but get no answer. I would encourage you to follow up on this matter. Why are projects that have been budgeted and approved for 2008 still nowhere near to be even scheduled in 2009, much less completed?  Where did the money go then?  What does this mean for projects scheduled for 2009? Will they have their start in 2010 or 2011? Your help in bringing this issue to light would be very much appreciated by all neighbors of West Street me especially.

Matthias Jaffe
Highwoods Lane

Town Clerk is grateful

To the Editor:

Once again I would like to thank the folks who made the effort to come out and vote at our Annual Town Election last week. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their day and it is our hope that the process was as painless as possible for voters.

I am so very proud of and thankful for our many volunteers who so willingly gave their free time to work at the elections and to tally votes at the end of the day. The Election Warden Kerri Piette and our new Deputy Election Warden, Rochelle Landon provided much needed behind the scenes help ahead of the election, organizing the workers and helping us to set up the polling place so we would all be ready at the opening of the polls at 7 a.m.

Many thanks too for the assistance provided by our Police Officers who took turns working both inside Town Hall and at the entrance to the driveway expediting incoming and outbound traffic. In all, the day was quite successful and everyone involved should be very proud of our Election Day.

Also, I wish to offer my genuine appreciation for being given the opportunity to serve as your Town Clerk for another three-year term. This job is extremely fulfilling and I am very proud to be able to represent the Town of Carlisle in this position.

Sincere thanks and best regards,

Charlene M. Hinton
Town Clerk

Safety concerns at CCHS

To the Editor:

In a school that regularly practices “lockdown drills” as preparedness for violent intruders, the biggest threats to our school community may well come from the building itself. We at CCHS are working with an outdated and overloaded wiring system that was never designed to handle the electrical needs of modern technology. Circuit breakers trip regularly, and the circuit boxes themselves have been known to shock people. Climate control problems have led to recorded temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in some classrooms. Roof leaks can foster mold and put at risk public investments in the form of carpets, books and computers.

These concerns are neither hypothetical nor overblown. Last month, a teacher lost a part of his finger to a broken window slamming down without warning. It is only a matter of time before another such tragedy befalls a colleague or even a student, unless action is taken.

We are grateful that the town has approved funding to develop a comprehensive plan for CCHS. We certainly recognize the difficult economic times we face and know that challenges lay ahead. We need the community to also recognize the importance of maintaining a safe school and be ready to support the building/renovation project when the time comes.

Johanna Glazer, President,
Concord-Carlisle Teachers Association

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