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Friday, May 15, 2009


Country Lines: Hooray for Children’s Book Week

Want to make somebody smile? Just ask her what her favorite children’s book is. Because this week celebrates the 90th Children’s Book Week, I asked some colleagues this question and, although the answers were diverse, the expressions were the same. Their faces lit up and their speech became rhapsodic as they recalled the books that still mean so much to ...more

Sierra Club sees Carlisle as grassroots model

This spring the Sierra Club, America’s oldest environmental organization, formed a Carlisle Committee as part of its 12-town Thoreau Group based in Concord. The new committee gained 14 members that night and, something no other town in the club’s Thoreau Group can boast at this time, a leader who is a town resident, Launa Zimmaro, of Lowell Street. Zimmaro ...more

Photographer captures Wild West in Gleason Show

A portrait photographer usually takes pictures of people. Pam Ziehler takes a different approach. In her portrait of the Wild West now on display at the Gleason Library, she presents the region through photographs of Native Americans, wildlife and landscapes. ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Name: The Ruby-throated Hummingbird has the scientific name of Archilochus colubris where Archilochus is the name of a Greek poet, satirist and lampooner. This is one of the hummingbird genera that was named in honor of a classical artist. Colubris probably had its origins ...more

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