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Friday, May 15, 2009

MassWildlife stocks Carlisle stream

On a sunny day in mid-April, a flatbed truck pulled alongside a culvert on Lowell Street. A small stream of water trickled from the large rectangular tank on the back. Inside were 1,150

Trout are released into River Meadow Brook. (Photo by Steve Golson)

brown trout that are headed for a new home.

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife (MassWildlife) employees Steve Wright and Bob Desrosiers flipped open one of three lids on the tank and scooped out the fish using long-handled nets. Carefully each net was turned inside out and the fish cascaded down and splashed into the water below. These year-old fish, averaging about nine inches long, quickly swam off in search of dinner. Fishermen eagerly await these “stockies” and are always hoping to catch “holdovers” that overwinter and can sometimes grow to trophy size.

Each spring, River Meadow Brook in Carlisle is stocked in three locations: the east side of Lowell Street at North Road, the south side of Curve Street across from the Cranberry Bog, and the north side of North Road at the boat launch.

MassWildlife runs an extensive fish stocking program. Four fish hatcheries (open to the public) raise rainbow, brown, brook and tiger trout. In the Northeast District alone, 75 towns are stocked annually with trout, and nine are stocked with salmon. All costs are covered by state fishing license fees and a portion of the federal excise taxes on fishing tackle and related equipment.

Fish ready for release (Photo by Steve Golson)

Additional photos will be shown during the discussion at the Concord-Carlisle Fishing Club meeting held tonight, May 15, at 7 p.m. in Union Hall at the First Religious Socity. The public is invited to attend. ∆

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