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Friday, May 15, 2009

Carlisle School waits for data on superintendency union

According to Carlisle School Committee (CSC) Chair Chad Koski, there has been a slight delay in receiving the consultants’ recommendations on potential financial savings of a superintendency union between the Carlisle and Concord school districts. At the May 6 Carlisle School Committee meeting, member Louis Salemy reported that the consultants had just completed their interviews, fact-finding and due diligence that afternoon and would now put together their report. According to their contract, the report was due at the end of April. If the financial report is favorable, the consultants are to examine the educational impacts of the proposed union.

Koski later explained, “They spoke with many people and it took longer than expected to make some of the connections. We thought it was important that everyone on the list be contacted, and did not push to have the report completed sooner, which would have meant possibly missing some people.”

The CSC plans to invite NESDEC, the consulting firm, to present their report in an open forum, probably in early June, in Corey Auditorium.

Salemy provided a list of people interviewed by the consultants: Carlisle School administrators and staff members – Superintendent Marie Doyle, former Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman, Principals Patrice Hurley and Joyce Mehafee, Director of Student Support Services Karen Slack, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds David Flannery, Assistant to the Superintendent Claire Wilcox, Business Assistant Susan Pray, Network Manager Carolyn Luby, Administrative Assistant Nancy Anderson, food services employee Nancy Wojcik;

CSC members – Louis Salemy, Bill Fink and Wendell Sykes;

Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) member Lori Tucker;

Town Hall – Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, Carlisle Finance Director Larry Barton;

Concord School and Concord-Carlisle Regional District School Superintendent Diana Rigby and Deputy Superintendent for Finance and Operations John Flaherty. ∆

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