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Friday, May 8, 2009

Historical Commission shorts, April 28

Highland. The Commission nominated Chip Dewing to speak at Town Meeting in support of preserving the Highland Building. The commission will cite Anne Forbes, historian, on research of why the building meets the National Register of Historic Places requirements.

Historical Resources Survey. Gretchen Schuler and Anne Forbes reported on the progress of the Historical Resources Survey, and left a few sample drafts of their work with the Commission for review. The project, under contract by the Historical Commission, is to survey 210 properties and will be reviewed by the Commission members who will give their corrections and recommendations to the team to write up the final version. After Forbes and Schuler have finished the project, it will be up to the Commission to decide how to make the project easily available to the public. One of the options is to put a list of the properties on the town website with more information on how to find information on a particular property.

Design Review Guidelines. Commission member Duncan Grant presented his first draft of new Design Review Guidelines, information to be given to historic district residents when altering their property. It was discussed that historic district residents need more specific guidance before they approach the Historical Commission in order to give residents a foundation to begin with. The packet should include Carlisle rules and regulations, a map of the boundaries of the historic district, the Standards for Rehabilitation, a federal program that outlines the standards for building rehabilitation, and the application. It will also include a list of features that the homeowner should pay special attention to, such as air conditioners, chimney caps, paving, and playsets.

Signage. Regarding last month’s meeting to consider the temporary signage at Ferns Country Store, and co-proprietor Larry Bearfield’s response to the Mosquito article, in the interest of fairness the Commission agreed to look more closely to ensure that all residential and business temporary signs are displayed no longer than 30 days.

Resignation. Since the meeting, the Commission Chair Peggy Hilton has received notification of associate commissioner Larry Bearfield’s resignation. Bearfield says that he resigned because the Ferns renovation project will begin soon and he wants to devote all his time to that.

House demolition. The Conservation Commission alerted the Historical Commission about the possible razing of the c. 1838 house at 278 South Street. It was reported that the owners, who bought the house three years ago, have found that the cost to make the house mold-free is too expensive, and therefore want to tear down the house and build anew. The owners were not present, not having been notified that their property would be discussed informally. The house is outside of the Historic District and thus is not under jurisdiction of the Historical Commission. Commissioner Sylvia Sillers will provide the owners information on the history of the house. ∆

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