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Friday, May 8, 2009

CCHS track and field teams accept more athletes

At the Regional School Committee meeting on April 14, Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) senior, Blair Robinson, reported that the coed track and field team had originally cut students, but was now able to include them on the team.

Contacted later, Athletic Director Barry Haley explained that cuts were necessary when 175 students tried out for the team this spring. He said it was too large a number to be safely managed with only three coaches, and at the time, he was unable to find a fourth coach. After tryouts, 135 students made the team. Roughly 15 students came back to the coaches and said they really wanted to be on the team. Since then, a fourth coach has been found and the team has expanded to 156 students.

One reason four coaches are needed is that track and field involves many different events held at different locations. For instance, the long- and short-distance running and hurdle events and various jumping events take place on Emerson Field, while the throwing events, including javelin, discus and shot put, take place on a CCHS field. Haley pointed out, “That’s four coaches at two sites and 18 events.” Haley had to buy more uniforms for roughly $1,750, but is happy to have more students involved.

“We have made cuts in the past, but not for three or four years,” Haley said, adding, “Philosophically we wish not to cut any student who wishes to participate in athletics. We are pleased to accommodate as many students as possible in a safe and educationally appropriate setting.”

Other CCHS sports teams did not have cuts this spring. These include: the girls softball team, girls and boys lacrosse teams and the boys tennis team. ∆

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