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Friday, May 8, 2009

Heard at Town Meeting

Moderator Tom Raftery (at the start of Town Meeting): “Let us pray… that we can do this in one night.”

Raftery (when the sound system in the cafeteria had problems): “Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?”

Someone in the audience: “Perhaps you could sing.”

Raftery (declining): “I want to keep a quorum.”

Raftery (on allowing parents to bring children when they moved over to the auditorium): “If the motion comes to vote, please ask the children not to vote. Then again, if it’s a close vote....”

Article 21 –

Steve Golson (on the School Committee transferring control of the Highland Building while retaining control of the land beneath it): “Does the Board of Selectmen currently control any buildings they don’t own the land for. . . or [do] any other towns in the Commonwealth? And how has that worked out for them?”

Golson (in response to concerns that the School Committee and Selectmen would have trouble agreeing on suitable uses of Highland): “We elect these people and they have to do what we want.”

Article 22 -

John Ballantine, Highland Building Study Committee member presenting Article 22: “The question that we have is what to do about Highland. This has been debated for 20 years.”

Raftery (to audience members speaking out of turn from their seats): “If you want to scream out at least give me your name and address.”

Ralph Anderson (speaking about after-school and COA and other evening usage of a restored Highland Building): “That’s not a time when this gray panther is prowling.”

Phyllis Hughes: “I’d like to say to Mr. Andersen that some of us do walk around town after 8 p.m.”

Kerry Kissinger: “When I heard my old school was torn down, I thought about it, for a microsecond.”

Chip Dewing, architect: “This is not the time to discard a building.”

Kerry Kissinger: “The difference between a rose and a weed is a difference of opinion.”

Alan Carpenito, Selectman and Chair of the Highland Building Study Committee: “There is nothing more green than preserving an old building.”

Article 32 –

Selectman John Williams: “I move that the subject matter of Article 32 [marijuana] be indefinitely postponed...I can’t remember why.”

Article 35 –

Planning Board Chair Michael Epstein (concluding his presentation on the wireless bylaw revisions): “With that, I’ll entertain any questions.”

Raftery (in response): “I do the entertaining here.” ∆

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